Chapter 2- Confrontations and Humiliations

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 He pulls away from me with a celebrity smile. At first, I am stunned at how long it lasted, and then I just frown as I remember three people who will not be happy. There is also another person right here who is a wee bit ticked. Come on. Who just kisses someone in the front of the entire class upon first meeting them?

He seems to be surprised at my frown. Did you expect me to jump on you and continue? Really? I stare at him a minute longer and then walk to my seat with no words at all. "Well, if you two have finished your show, I think we will continue. Shall we?" said Mr. Madison, the history teacher. He actually waits for my approval while everyone just stares right at me. I just nod as I stare at my desk in mortification. The whole class just witnessed my first kiss. I know sad, but when you have watch dogs around you, it is hard to date the few normal guys that are interested.

"I'm sorry if I embarrassed you. I just really wanted to kiss you," whispers Devlin as he sat in the desk next to me.

"It's okay. Let's just focus on class please." Last thing I need is Mr. Madison to ask for my permission again. I can feel Devlin staring at me. I turn toward him and hesitate before whispering, "What?" He just smiles and shakes his head before returning his attention to the teacher. Alrightttt. I knew he was a little weird.

Luckily, my English Honors class was Devlin-free. On my way to my next class, I notice covert glances and even some outright pointing. Guess it already started. Splendid.  I found the person I should thank for this unwanted attention in my pre-calc class after English.

"Looks like we meet again. Don't worry, I won't kiss you again. That doesn't mean I don't want to."

"I think . . . maybe . . ."  

"What do you think, sweetheart?" First, I think the pet names have got to go, but that is not what I need to say.

"I suggest you stay away if you are just playing around," I explain as I sit down in my seat and begin looking for my homework.

"Why would I do that? You are such a cutie, Miss Melons. I legitimately have an interest in you. I promise you that."

"You had to ruin it by saying Miss Melons," I mumble to myself.

"Excuse me?" he asks clueless to my ramblings.

"I didn't say anything." I mean I might barely know this guy, but I don't want him to think I should be in the crazy house. You know now that you could add talking to self along with spacing out.

"Ok. Class, let's get excited to do some problems with radians and degrees. I mean come on math can be cool," said Mr. Harmon.  In what universe? Still, at least I didn't have to talk to Mr. Charmer here.

"What lunch do you have?"

"Umm . . . this period coming up. Why?" I ask as we walk toward the cafeteria. More like he followed me.

"How about you and me at a table together? What do you say?" He links his arm through mine. Does personal space mean nothing to him? He just jumps in my bubble like it is his own. It is MY DAMN bubble. I try to shrug him off because I know something he doesn't.

"I don't think that is a good idea."

"Why? Do you not like me?" OH NO! Puppy dog eyes won't work on me. No way. No how . . . Unless they are giant vibrant blue ones apparently. I let out a loud sigh.

"It is not that I don't like you. I am actually looking out for your safety. Trust me. Stay away for me especially now," I explain, but it was too late. My brothers are on their way to the cafeteria. Lunch is the only thing I share with my brothers during school. I pull Devlin with me into the cafeteria and through the doorway to the buffet. He seems surprised. Well, that makes two of us. I was just complaining about personal space no more than a minute ago. Luckily, all the students are arriving for the lunch rush, so we are covered for a little while. I still had a huge problem. I always sit with my brothers at lunch, so I can't change it up all of a sudden. I didn't really need to worry long.

"Ai, how are your . . . wait. Who is this scum?"says Seth as he walks toward the cash register where I was paying for my lunch. 

"Seth, you remember Devlin from this morning?" I say weakly. Leon and Kai are right behind him and looking less than happy too.

"Oh. Devlin. I remember you fondly from this morning when you felt my sister up. Come sit with us. Kai, can you get me and Seth some food please," says Leon calmly, but his eyes were definitely anything but calm. Devlin looks toward me and then at my brothers. He seems to weigh his options and with a 'to hell with it' shrug, he follows us. I can feel the stares of the whole cafeteria. This is a big thing. They are definitely expecting a fight or at least someone getting punched.  We all sit down with Seth and Leon sitting across from Devlin and me. Kai comes back with some fruit and sits between Devlin and me.

"Guys, really? I mean I don't even know this guy. Why get so worked up?" I plead.

"Ai, don't worry. I just want to tell Devlin here that we would appreciate in the future if he would not touch you inappropriately," Leon reassures me. "Or at all," adds Seth with a snort. "I agree Seth, but we need to be fair. Also don't call her Miss Melons. She has a name. Aitana Hurst. Remember it well because as her brothers we are obligated to protect her from ANYONE who might . . . umm shall we say. . mistreat her in any way, shape, or form. Got that?" Now he will run away with his tail between his legs. He might have come on a little too strong. Okay. He came on a little more than a bit. At least, he gave me some attention. I don't usually get attention from boys my own age not even as friends. Guess that's over. Life sucks, but it goes on.

"Let me get this straight: You want me to leave your little sis alone. Or there will be consequences I assume." They all nod clearly happy he was catching on so well. Well, they are the only ones.

"No. "

"WHAT?" exclaim my brothers even Leon.

"I have an interest in your sister and I plan to get her. Actually that reminds me, Aitana, do you think I can give you a ride home. I just want to talk with you ALONE." He throws a glance at my brothers who still sit shell-shocked. "I want to ask you out on a date, but you seem too shy right now. Just get to know me. You will definitely love what you see. I mean I see it every morning and I love it," Devlin says with a huge smile that took up his face. He just ignored my brothers entirely.  I have to admit I am surprised and at the same time impressed. He didn't even bat an eye at my brothers. I was right. He is fearless. Gotta love that.  "Hell yeah," I blurt out.  Desperate much. I blush at my outburst.

"Glad to hear it. So what class do you have after this?"

"It doesn't matter. Aitana, come here. Our sister is going nowhere with you," says Leon obviously recovered. Kai pulls me toward the other side of the table.

"I think that is her choice, don't you? The lady said yes, so I don't think your opinion matters. I don't want to be disrespectful because I understand your situation, but could you give us a minute?" says Devlin with a frustrated face. He gets up and pulls me back toward him. Kai pulls back and pretty soon I am the stupid rope for their tug of war. Somehow, both boys let go of me and I slip and fall face-first into Devlin's chest. THUD! I look at the exact same eyes that I met this morning. *clears throat* "Devlin! Off my sister now," says Kai. What is he so mad about? I mean Kai is not short tempered. Even he can see it was an accident that was my fault.  I look down to see the problem. Then I see it. My legs are between his. One of his hands was on my butt. The other was in my hair. Worse of all, my shirt had ridden up and now exposed my bra to anyone nearby. I looked around at everyone in the cafeteria. Apparently, we had drawn a crowd, so everyone can see me half-naked. Lovely. If blushing on your whole body is possible, I'm pretty sure I am. Devlin sees my bright red face and pulls down my shirt. Then, he lifts himself up and then me. "I'm so sorry. I shou-"  PUNCH! Seth punches Devlin in the face. Devlin holds his left eye in pain. "You bet your ass you are. Don't touch my sister like that. You humiliated her. That goes for you guys too. You saw nothing of my sister's, got it? Let this guy be an example for you all," screams Seth as he looks into the crowd. If it can get worse, why the hell not, right? Well, I'm not going to let it anymore.

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