Chapter 17- Reminiscing and Driving

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As promised, here is the next chapter. I couldn't think of a song, so I just picked one of my favorites.

Chapter 17

“Are you okay, Ai? I know that was quite a shock. I don’t agree with the punishment either. I knew that judge was out to get me. It just that I never thought that he would bring my family into it. ” My dad patted my hand as he drove me back to the house.

“I’m a mixture of scared and angry. Scared that I will have to see him again. Angry that his lawyer insinuated that it was my fault and he even brought Seth and Devlin into this. They were just protecting me. He makes it sound like it was my fault that Alex attacked me. I have pulled myself through a slump where I thought that was true, but it is most definitely not. I didn’t tell him to jump on me. I didn’t tell him to try and kiss me. I actually told him the opposite.  Now he is going to be back at school with me. It is going to be just like after the Jackson thing. Everyone is going to look at me like it is my fault or pity me thinking ‘that poor girl’,” I huffed trying to calm myself.

“I always knew you had your mom’s anger. My stubbornness and your mom’s anger. I‘m not sure how good that combination is,” says my dad as he looks at the road.

“What do you mean? Mom hardly gets angry.”

“Exactly, but when your Mom is angry, you know she is a force to be reckon with.”

“True. There was that time at your fifteenth wedding anniversary a few years ago . . .”

“When your gram got drunk and . . .” continues my dad.

“Blurted out how she thought you and mom would never last more than five years…”

“And then my mom agrees and asked her for the money to collect on the bet that they made at the wedding,” finishes my dad.  We both nodded remembering how pissed mom was. She started talking in rapid Spanish at her mom. I couldn’t keep up, but I know from the tone she used that it wasn’t something nice. Then my mom told them both that if they thought that way, then maybe they shouldn’t come back to visit us. “Wouldn’t want to be in the middle of our many fights, would you?” she shouted back before walking off into the backyard. My dad had to go outside and calm her down.  We both sigh.

“We have to go to the tournament to see Seth and that boy, but before you do, I needed to tell you something. Remember to tell your brothers, me or your mom when things happen. Even tell that Devlin kid if you want.  Just don't keep it to yourself. Okay, sweetie?”

“I’m sorry, dad. I’ll try.”  We walk into the house. My dad decides to go back to his room. As soon as I walk into my room, my phone goes off. I open it to see that I have a text from Devlin: Mornin'. Ai, where’s Seth? We are waiting for him at the school.  I go next door to wake up Seth who just like I thought is still asleep. My dad was going to wake up my brothers, but decided against it since they probably wouldn’t control themselves in court.  

“Seth, shouldn’t you get up? Don’t you have practice or something?” I push Seth a little. He just squirms, squeezes his pillow tighter and goes back to sleep.

“Seth, get up now!” This time, I shove really hard. He almost falls out of the bed, but catches himself in time. 


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