Chapter 4- Fathers and Daughters

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Chapter 4

"What's up?" I ask innocently.

"Don't act all naïve. You know exactly why I want to talk with you? Who is this guy?"

"Just some guy from school. No biggie at all."

"I heard you just met him and let him give you a ride back home. Besides that, why did you just get back when school ended at 3:00? That is 3 ½ hours.What did he do?"

"Nothing at all. We just talked. Now if you don't mind, I need to start dinner.  I am thinking some pasta with pieces of chicken," I say changing the topic.

"Don't try to change the subject. I don't like him."

"You don't know him," I spit back. I just met him myself.  I get out some chicken and grill it.

"Why don't I meet him, then?" I turn toward my dad and see a smirk cross his lips. He set me up and like a dumbass, I fell for it. Stupid police skills.

"No disrespect, but are you insane? I just met him. Can I, at least, get to know him before showing the rest of my crazy family? IF we date, THEN you can meet him." I throw some pasta in a water- filled pot to boil it.

"I don't know if I want you to date him. He did kinda feel you up twice. The first time was before he knew your name. I mean, I am a player a bit myself, but at least I try to know the name of the girl before things happen," says Seth as Kai and Leon nod slowly in agreement. Seth! My dad's face is doing that blowing up thing again. I really don't see how my mom married him. I mean, I hear the teachers sometimes comment how my dad's half-Asian ancestry gives him that exotic look and how police work keeps him fit, but with his face right now, it is hard to understand.  Plus, it grosses me greatly when adults comment on how my parents still look good.  

"Hey guys. Fiiiinally, I'm home.  Guess, what I heard while I finished up some work? My baby girl got herself a kiss from a new guy no less," my mom says as she closes the door and proceeds to take off her heels.  Her head is bent down as she puts her heels near the banister opposite the door. She clearly doesn't sense the tension or see my dad's red face. Mom!  Is everybody against me? I am trying to fix this situation. I am not even dating this guy, but I wouldn't cast him off just yet.

"What!?!  I thought you just met him. How does that make sense? I want to meet him, so I can kill him." My brothers all smirk. This was not fair. They knew how he would react. I couldn't even handle it myself for a day.

"Honey, you knew this was going to happen. She is 16. I am so happy for you, mija. I should be a fortune-teller. I told you this morning."My mom walks over to me and puts her hand on my shoulders.

"Elena! Do you want your daughter near this filth? Did you hear he felt her up TWICE? Now, he is kissing her. Do we need another Jackson incident? Come on. United Front." He sounds frustrated. 

"He knows what he wants. I think that is a wonderful trait.  I disapprove of him feeling her up, but let me ask Ai a question. Was it an accident?" She turns toward me with questioning eyes.  I looked into the grey eyes similar to my own except for my almond-shape.

"It was an accident. Both times, I fell and he caught me."   I leave out the Miss Melons comments, my shirt flying up and how his hands were in not so innocent positions. Not going to help the problem here.  My brothers look like they were about to say something, but my mom is doing her sultry walk to my dad. It is over.

"Ryo, how about we give it a few days?  She has her brothers and me. We won't let it get too far this time. I just don't want my daughter to be lonely. We can't isolate everyone from her. She needs to be a teenage girl sometimes. Do you want our lovely daughter to be sad?" My mom pouts out her bottom lip and slides her hands slowly over my dad's neck. My dad's arms snap around her. "It is all your fault. You just had to give her your beauty. I had to deal with this stuff when we were dating, now my daughter."

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