Chapter 33- Desserts and Shirts Part III

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Ai's POV

Xavier's brother brought out our pizza just when we finished telling Ty and Ben about Leon's little performance the other day. Leon looks a little mad at Rua for spilling the beans, but she reaches her hand across the table and holds his hand, rubbing her thumb across his palm. He seems to calm down as he looks at her. I just knew that they would be perfect together. I grab a slice of cheese pizza just as Devlin asks for one too. He is up against the wall and the pizza is in front of Leon who is on the edge of the table. I pass him my piece and grab another.

"Thanks," he mumbles as he bites into his pizza. Looks like I am not the only one hungry. Everyone scrambles for a fresh slice and a sense of quietness passes over our table. Nothing like good food to quiet people. After I get to my third slice however, I decide not to push my limit. It seems Ty has agreed, but the other boys and Rua are still at it. She takes one more slice and then she is done as well. Pretty soon, everyone leans back in the little room that is allowed in our crowded booth satisfied.

"Man, that was the first time I tried such good pizza. The Andersons are good," says Devlin. A few mumbles of agreement are shared. Rua pops up in her chair energized already.

"That's why they are my favorite." As if they heard us, Mrs. Anderson comes to the table and checks on us. "So, was everything alright?"

"It was delicious," I compliment. The guys all nod along with me.

"Thank you."

"If you don't mind, can we have the check?" asked Leon politely.

"Sure. I will get it right now."

"Leon, you want to go already. We just got here," said Rua with pleading eyes.

"Yeah. You two just joined us," I say. I'm a little surprised myself.

"I want to give Rua her present." When we were about to protest, he continued, "in private if you don't mind. We are supposed to be on a date." Rua blushes as he said private. I would too.

"This is probably the only time that I will say this, but I agree with Leon. I think that I am ready to go, Ben," said Ty as he nudged Ben. Ben doesn't seem as bothered by it as Rua. I think he wasn't very surprised at Ty's attitude. Nonetheless, Rua stands up and lets them through. Mrs.Anderson comes back and leaves the check. Each couple ordered their own pizza, so it easy to see what you need to pay. Ty is about to dig in his pocket for some money when Ben holds his hand and says, "I got this."

"You know that I don't need you paying for me, right?" said Ty. I am not sure if he is angry because he is talking in his normal tone, but his normal tone sounds like he is angry anyway.

"I want to pay for this."


"How about half?" Ty nods and pulls out some money as Ben does the same.

"Don't you guys need a ride?" asks Devlin. Both of their heads pop up. They both look at each other and then back at Devlin.

"Yeah," says Ty.

"Fine. I’ll take you guys. Leon, you don't mind if I take Ai to my house, do you?" My brother was standing up at the moment talking to Rua. He looks at Devlin for a second before saying, "I can't stop you. Anyways, you said your parents would be there. That's all I need to know."

"Ai, ready to go then?"

"Yep." I slide out and Devlin gets out as well. Without one word exchanged, Devlin and Leon both laid down the money for our portions. With that, we all leave the restaurant. Leon and Rua are walking back to the truck and the rest of us head to Devlin's. I am about to get out of the car when Devlin stops me by holding my arm. Ben and Ty get out of the car anyways and head inside.

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