Chapter 37- Endings and Beginnings

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Here it is. It is pretty long. Enjoy.

Chapter 37 Ai's POV

As soon as lunch arrived, we all watch Seth head to our table. He bends over me and grabs my bread. Chewing it quickly, he says through the food, "I'm going to talk to her now," before he heads outside. Rua stands up quickly and eyes me.

"Coming?" I nod my head as I follow her. 

"I think I will stay behind this time," says Sasha.While  Rua and I walk out, I can see from the corner of my eye Leon shaking his head in dismay, but I don't hear him say anything. 

We quietly crouch by the bookshelf that we had stood behind yesterday. Sure enough, Seth is walking over to Robyn who is picking out a book from the shelf. Seth looks like he is about to sneak up on her, but then he stops. I see his mouth move and Robyn jump.

"We can't hear from here.We have to move closer," I whisper. Rua follows me as we walk two bookshelves behind them. Close enough to hear, but not close enough to be caught.

"What do you want, Seth?"

"I want to go out with you."

"I already said no. Why don't you find your other girlfriends?"

"Robyn, can we seriously talk? Let's go behind this bookshelf for privacy. Please." Rua and I freeze as they go to the bookshelf right in front of us. Way too close. Peeking through a empty place, I see Seth rubbing the back of his neck, a sure sign of his nervousness.

"Ai told me that you hate flirts, so I am going to try to be straightforward and serious with you."

"No charming? I don't believe it."

"I'm sure that I can make you believe . . .Dang."


"Just listen to what I have to say. If you say something back, I will probably try to charm you as a response. Okay. Well to start off, I can't erase my past or fix my reputation in this school overnight. I didn't know you existed for two years.You couldn't possibly expect me to not date before I met you. I am a seventeen going on eighteen year old hot-blooded male. I will admit that I like girls, but I like you the best. I just wished that you would give me a chance before shutting me down because I can only take rejections so many times. After a while, any self-respecting person would start to wonder if the person actually just hates their attention. So I will say it one more time to make it clear. I want to date you. Do you want to or am I wasting my time?" Seth drops his hand from his neck and looks straight at her, all the nervousness replaced by seriousness. There is silence. Rua pulls on my sweater.

"Let me see," she mouths. I scoot to one corner, so she can see. We both peek out of the spot to see Robyn and Seth staring at each other. Seth looks down as the silence continues. Suddenly,he lifts his head and stares into Robyn's eyes, but looks away when she gives no reaction.

"I understand. I'm sorry for bothering you for so long. I know that I can be an ass, but I really didn't mean to be such a bother to you," said Seth before turning his back on her. He slides his hands in his pockets and begins walking away. On his third step, Robyn grabs his arm. I exchange a look with Rua when we both notice the hint of a surprise on Seth's face. She tugs on his arm, but he doesn't turn around.


"What?" Robyn flinches at the tone and drops his arm. I flinch too because of its coldness.

"Well, dang. Do you have . . ."

"To be mean. Yes. Angry is more of the word though. I am tired of this already. You keep saying you don't want to play games, but you are the one doing the playing." Robyn blinks quickly, comprehending what Seth is saying. Seth starts walking again. Robyn once again grabs his arm.

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