Chapter 19- Soccer and Lockers Part II

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Chapter 19

Devlin looks toward Seth. He doesn’t seem like he is going to let go of me anytime soon and he pulls me closer as evidence of the fact. I pull away not wanting to mess up the semi-harmony that the team has. I mean Devlin just got on their good side. I don’t want to mess that up.

“I’m going to go. You guys have a nice practice,” I say to the team. I give Devlin a quick peck on the cheek. “Good luck.” As I walk to leave, I stop, so that I am standing in front of Seth.  “Remember Devlin is my boyfriend.  I want you to try and get along for me at least if not for this tournament. I saw how good you two were on the field earlier. Try and show that cooperation off the field too. Please,” I plead.

“I’ll try, but don’t expect much.” Trust me I wasn’t. I give Seth a quick hug and go back to my seat. A mini-crisis averted for now. Nice. Now I just have to get my parents to leave me here for a date.  

“So how was Devlin?” asked my mom as I sat down.

“The question should be what were you doing for that hour?” said Dad. I didn’t even know it was that long.

“Ryo, stop being a baby. It is not cute. At all,” said my mom as she turned away from my dad in irritation.

“Elena. . .Elena. . . I’m sorry. You can’t expect me to be happy to see my only little girl grow up,” he said as he tried to turn her to face him. This could be my chance.

“You know we ,Devlin and I, were talking about going on a date tonight,” I said slowly. Both of my parents look toward me in surprise. I need to tread carefully.

“Sure. When we get back, you can go out,” said my mom.

“Actually, we were thinking we could stay here," I said as I looked at the team practicing. 

“Okay. I guess we can stay here a little longer. Or Sasha can stay behind with you. How late are you talking?” replied my mom as she looked at my dad in confirmation.

“Actually, we were thinking. Just us. You know, Devlin and me. Before you say anything,” I add as I see my dad’s concerned face. “I have a plan. We talked about it too. We can take the train to Reidsville and then take a cab home. You know, Reidsville is literally a ten minute or so ride from us. We are just going to go eat dinner and come home. Not a big deal at all,” I say holding my breath.

“Ai, I don’t want you. . .” began my dad.

“Ryo, take it in account that she told us. She could have just stayed behind and used Sasha as an alibi,” added my mom. I never even thought about that possibility.

“That’s all good and well, but I still don’t want her to be here alone with him.”

“Devlin,” I add quietly. My dad gives me a look and returns to his conversation with Mom. Not the appropriate time just yet I guess.

“As I was saying, I don’t want to leave her here. What if they get stuck here because something happens that stops the trains or something? I don’t want her to be stuck with him here, while I’m in Garrison worrying. Elena, let’s think this through.”

“Ryo, I want her to have a normal teen life. Devlin makes her happy. He seems like a nice boy.”

“All boys seem like nice boys when they are trying to take out your daughter,” said my dad cynically. 

“Let’s not forget that this will be my first date,” I add hoping to appeal to Mom's inner teenager.

“Oh. Ryo, come on. How could you say no to that? Don’t you remember when you were dating? Cut that. I don’t want to hear about your past dates. Remember when we were dating? We had so much fun. Do you want your daughter to miss out on that?”

“Actually, I remember fondly when we were dating. That is the reason that I don’t want her to go on a date with Devlin. I remember exactly what I was thinking about. Like hell, I want a guy to think like that around my little girl.” Gross. Maybe not the best approach. I need to at least soften up my dad before Devlin talks to him or there is really no chance.

“Garrison High versus George Washington High in five minutes.”

“We will talk about this after the game. Go sit down, Ai,” says my dad in a tone that says the discussion is closed. For now anyway.  I go to sit down as told. No need to anger him more.

Once again, I watch Devlin play, but this time I paid attention to everyone. For a team that just had a kid kicked off, they are doing pretty well together. I guess Devlin did fix it all on his own. During the breaks after the next few games, my dad talks to my mom. I am sure they are discussing the date idea. Meanwhile, my brothers Kai and Leon keep me from talking to Devlin by talking to me as soon as the games are over. I even tried to leave claiming to get a drink, but Leon said he was thirsty too and came with me. Finally when the announcer gives the final ranking for the top 3 teams going to the state tournament, my dad tells me that I can go as long as he talks to Devlin. I thought he would. I text Devlin to come and talk with my dad. With the games over, we wait in the bleacher for them to shower and get dressed.

Twenty minutes later, I see Seth walking up the stairs with Devlin closely behind him. 

Devlin walks straight to my dad.  Better to get it over with. 

“Devlin, you and Ai want to stay here and go on a date. Is that correct?” says Dad in his cop voice.

“Yes, sir.” Good job with the sir.

“How do you plan to get home? So, I am clear of course.” Devlin looks at me in surprise. I motion for him to answer. He is just making sure that we have the details handled. 

“Take a train to the town over and then a cab.”

“What if you are struck here because of some unforeseen accident?”

“Call you guys to tell you we are going to be late. Then, check for any other ways that we could get home.”

“What if you can’t find any?” Dad! That's not fair. Devlin could handle the other rapid-fire questions, but this one obviously stumps him as he hesitates.

“Get a place to sl. . . “ said Devlin uncertainly. I put up my arms in a X formation and shake my head 'no' quickly to show him that is the WRONG answer.  “Stay up in until you guys can come pick us up.” I hold back a sigh of relief. Nice save.

“Nice answer. Fine. Have fun on your date,” says my dad with a smile. Suspicious. Whatever. My first date!

“You sure, dad?” questions Kai.

“I know what I am doing. By the way, I need to congratulate you,” said my dad as he pulled Seth off to the side.  I ,on the other hand , walk to Devlin.  “That was a lot easier than I thought,” said Devlin.

“It took a lot longer than you think. Do you need to get anything? ” He just pats his duffle bag. Seth talks to my dad taking occasionally glances at us. Then he walks over.

“We're watching you,” said Seth as he points at his own eyes than Devlin’s. Devlin nods his head in response.

“Ai, I need to talk to you,” said my mom as she waved me over.

“I’ll be right back,” I say to Devlin as I walk to my parents.  He just goes over to talk to Ben and Ty.

“Here are the ground rules. You need to be home by eleven. It is 7:00 now, so you have some time. Be careful no matter where you are. Call us if anything happens. Got it?  We're trusting you. And trusting Devlin with you as well,” says my mom seriously. I can’ t help but smile and my mom smiles with me too.

“Devlin, come here,” says Dad. Devlin obeys. “Eleven o' clock at the latest. I hear that you did anything I don’t approve of, I will come and find you myself.”

“Understood.”  With that, Devlin and I say our goodbyes and walk out to the parking lot. 

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