Chapter 13- Avoidance and Guidance

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This chapter is mainly about Ty and Ben. I feel the song describes Ty's feelings. Happy Reading!

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Chapter 13

“I have to do something this afternoon, so leave without me,” said Seth as he walked out of the truck.

“How do you plan to get back?” yells Kai after him.

“I can catch a ride. Gosh. I’ll be fine. I am a big boy you know,” said Seth as he walks off.

“What’s up?” says Sasha as she walks over to our group.

I see Devlin waiting near the entrance, wave bye to my brothers and Sasha and start to walk toward him.

“Ty, I want to say something.” That’s Ben’s voice. I stop on the other side of a red SUV.

“Go ahead.” This could be interesting.

“I have wanted to say this for a very long time. You must know that I like you by now. So, this will make sense. Ty, I want to become official.”

“Official?” I can see right through the glass and Ty looks tense. He must be nervous.

“Yeah. You know boyfriend and boyfriend in our case. Actual dates together.“  There's a pause. 

“So, how about it?” RINGG!

“Umm. Looks like I’ve got to go. See ya later,” Ty said an unsure tone.

“Ty!! I can walk with you. Ty! What’s wrong?”  Ty is already gone. What’s up with that? I  walk to the entrance catching up with Devlin.

“Guess what?”


“Ben just asked Ty out officially.”

“That’s nice. Ty has his first boyfriend.”

“Nope. He never answered poor Ben, but just ran away.”

“That’s odd.”

“Right? I think I am going to try and talk to him later.”

After School

“Where was Seth today at lunch?” asks Leon. We all shrugged our shoulders. I have to admit I am curious because Seth is not that secretive.  “I am going to go with Devlin now,” I say to my brothers’ grim faces.  Devlin lets me into his truck.  I turned around to see Ty in the backseat. We started to leave the parking lot.

“Ty, I overheard you and Ben. Why didn’t you say yes?”

“I don’t think it is any of your business,” said Ty in a threatening tone. 

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