Chapter 24- Revelations and Flirtations Part II

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I decided to try something different.

Chapter 24

Leon’s POV

“What the hell, Rua?” I yelled. I don’t usually yell, but I was really angry. Rua's head shot up in surprise before looking back down. Oh no, you don’t. She has been avoiding me yesterday and today and now this. Dan turns slowly to look at me. I grab his arm and pull him into the nearest classroom. As soon as we get inside, I block the doorway, so we have no interruptions. Dan looks at me in surprise.

“Leon. Is there something wrong?”

“You can leave her alone now,” I said waving him off. He was in no comparison to me in intelligence, looks or height I note as I look down at him.

“I don’t think so. Rua and I were talking, so if you don’t mind, could you move?”

“Of course, I mind," I said as I folded my arms across my chest. Dan noticed the movement. Good. I knew it made my muscles look bigger. Yet, he shook his head as if to erase the image and continued. 

“Why? I remember Rua turned you down, which means she is up for grabs. You know I have wanted to get with Rua. At least, I don't bother your sister. You can't possibly expect to keep all the girls to yourself.  Now, I am going to go back outside and finish talking to Rua,” he said. I feel a push against my back. Looking through the door window, I see Rua trying to open the door,  but she can’t move me. Fortunately for her, Dan comes over and moves me out of the way to help her out.

“Leon, it is not any of your business who I choose or choose not to date. Leave him alone,” said Rua as she dragged Dan out of the room. Dan smiled at the contact, but halted when he got to the door.

“See you at hockey try-outs.” I just want to wipe that ridiculous smile off his smug little face.  You bet your ass that I will be there. I will be kicking said ass too. I walk past everyone to the truck and then turn it on and wait. 

“Bye Devlin.” My baby sis slips in the front seat beside me. Sasha kisses Kai goodbye. Both Seth and Kai slide into the backseat. Noting that everyone is present, I pull the car out of the parking lot.

“We tried to hold back Rua for a while, so you could talk to Dan, but you know how she is. I could finish talking to Dan if you want me to,” suggests Seth. I don’t think so. When Seth talks to a guy, it means he is going to be talking with his fists. We don’t need a fight. Mom would kill me if she found out that I let Seth fight. Anyways, I rather do the honors myself.

“That’s okay. I can handle it.”

“I could talk to him,” adds Kai. Now, he would actually talk to Dan. Kai doesn’t seem like a threat, but he is one of those people who can quietly insult you, while complimenting you at the same time. It works well, especially on people who are not the smartest. Dan would fit perfectly in that category, but I stick to the fact that I need to handle this myself.

“No. It’s fine.”

“Leon, are sure that you are okay? I tried to talk to Rua, but I don’t think we made any progress,” said Ai gently. That’s my sister. Always caring about others.

“I’m fine. I just need to go home and calm down.” She nods obviously still worried. My siblings must think I’m crazy right now because I sure feel odd. I manage to get us home without any problems, but I make a beeline for my room.

“I’m going to take a nap.” They ignore me and watch some TV. I’m sure they know that I am not sleeping, but I just need to be by myself. I collapse on the bed and stare at the ceiling. How did everything suddenly turn so crazy? One minute Rua is heading to talk to me like usual. The next minute, she wouldn’t even look at me. It’s all because of that Junie. I knew she was trouble when Ai first brought her home. She tried to flirt with me the whole time. Ai never said anything, but she was Ai’s best friend back then.  Still, I didn’t think she could get bitchier than when she was dating Jackson. KNOCK! KNOCK!

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