You, Me and My Family

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This is my first story on wattpad, so here we go. Tell me what you think. This is just to introduce Aitana and her life.

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"You're so hypnotizing. Could you be the devil? Could you be an angel? Your touch magnetizing . . feels like I'm floating, leaves my body glowing." I smash my alarm clock off as E.T. plays on the radio. 

"Time to get up," I say to myself.  I pull back my comforter and lift out of my bed.  I washed my face and showered slowly, relishing in the quietness. I got dressed in my grey skinny jeans, a black oversized tee with a furry green monster saying Grrr and my favorite black converse high tops. I had laughed at the cute monster when I first saw it and had to have it.  "Ok. Let's do this." I walked out of the bathroom at the end of the hall and banged on each door as I walked to the stairs at the other end. "Wake up.  Out of your beds." I go downstairs and start breakfast before the storm of people appear.

"Ok. Let's see. Apple Jacks for Leon, Fruit Loops for Seth and Eggos for Kai." I pulled out their bowls, plates, cereal and waffles.  "Next, toast and fruit for Mom and Dad." I put the toast in and decided on peaches for today.  I hear them before I see them.  "I'm starved," whines Kai as he scratches the back of his head. "Not as much as me," said Seth over a yawn. "Close your mouth. Your breath is killing me. It deserves it own hazmat team," Leon complained at Seth as he scratched his belly. Good. Everyone is dressed. Man, is it hard to be the adult around here.

"I'm glad that I have a girl in this place. I love you three boys, but I need a female in this house of testosterone. Good morning, my little Aitanita," said my mom as she sat down and put her head on in her hand. Speaking of adults, my mom is a little childish sometimes. It is a surprise that she is the principal of my high school. "Fine. Thank you for someone asking. Still, I'm not little in any way, shape or form."

"Don't you start that talk again. You have my family's lovely assets," said my mom as she gestured to her chest.

"Mom! Could you stop?" I blushed. My mom can be so embarassing with her straight-forwardness.

" I don't understand why you believe you are anything but beautiful. You are curvy, yes.But don't forget :You are curvy in all the right places." She decided to show me by moving her hands in the shape of a curvy woman.  "You are my daughter. You will find someone who will love you and your body like your father does me. Trust me."

"Hopefully not soon. My precious daughter is too young." My father comes downstairs with his face puffed up and red. It was so comical.I almost laughed. Still, my dad was a force to be reckoned with when he was angry.

"Honey. Calm down. Don't you want your daughter to find someone, like I did with you?" My mom walked toward my dad and slowly kissed his cheek. My dad was momentarily stunned, but he cleared his throat and calmed down. "Maybe not the same way I got together with you.  Though I don't regret it one bit." He lowered his head toward my mom.

"Mom and Dad. Stop. Now," My brothers and I yell simultaneously.

"Really? Do you need to be so lovey-dovey all the time especially so early in the morning?" Seth complains.

"I am just showing your mom that I still love her after all these years."

"Aww, sweetie. Me too. I still remember that day when we were on the beach on the 4th of July and you and I . . . "

" I think that is our cue to leave the premises. Let's go guys," Leon calls to us. I grab my backpack and hoodie. We all pile in Leon's Ford truck.  We pull up into the parking lot of Garrison High School. I am a sophomore and my brothers, who are fraternal triplets, are juniors. Leon is the oldest. Seth is the middle child. Kai is the youngest. They are your typical natural-born athletic players. The only difference between them are their looks and hobbies. They took after my dad's half-asian looks more than me. They have the almond-shaped eyes and darkish brown hair.  Leon had dark brown eyes and was captain of the football team. Seth had hazel eyes and was expected to be captain of the soccer team next year. Kai had green-brown hazel eyes and was groomed to be captain of  water polo next year. I often wondered what was my good points with these over-acheiving brothers of mine. I had grey eyes and dark copper hair from my mom's side of the family who are Spanish. We all do share an olive skin tone.

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