Epilogue 1- Senior Year

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Ai's POV

"Did you go dress shopping yet?" one girl asked her friend as soon as the bell rang.

"Of course, I mean it's prom. I finished two weeks ago," she said matter-of-factly. I wince at the tone. I had not picked out my dress yet. It was coming to the last month of my high school career which meant that my senior prom was coming up soon. I had been meaning to get one, but had forgotten. Deep down, I think I had been putting it off. I knew that I had a date. I was going to go with Devlin, my boyfriend of three years, but he hadn't asked. It was a given, but after hearing of the ridiculous things that other people had done to get their dates, I kind of hoped for something. A text message would even work. Prom was coming in a week and a half and I still had yet to buy anything.

"Robyn, it is time to go dress shopping. I can't possibly wait any longer," I said as I turned to my best friend. After her and Seth got together, we clicked. She was more mature than me, but very nice and loyal. It was a nice change to have a friend that you could truly trust.

"Yeah. We can go this weekend. Seth asked me already," she said with a smile.

"I thought you two had broken up," I said as we both got up. We wave bye to the teacher and start walking out of the classroom.

"That was only until I got into college. I know your brother. He is a flirt. Wait before you say anything. He treated me very well while we were dating. I just wasn't sure about how he would be after college. I told you about my parents. They were high school sweethearts, but now they are getting a divorce. My dad cheated on her multiple times because he felt tied down at such an early age. My mom stayed with him for this long because she hoped they could be how they were in high school." We walk to her locker first because it was nearby. I lean against the lockers as she switches out her books.

"You can't think that he would cheat on you. He thinks you're the hottest thing on the planet. His exact words." She closes the locker door and we head to my locker. She smiles at the compliment.

"I'm sure he did. I just . . .there is no way I could make your brother commit to a relationship while he's off to college." As we got to my locker, I open the door and switch out my books.

"You were testing him, Robyn. You wanted to see if he would be heartbroken and stay truthful away from you even though you broke up. During these last couple years, I have got to know you well. You were testing him. I think Seth knew the same thing." I slam my door shut and we head to the entrance.


"That's probably why he agreed so easily. Seth loves a challenge. I can't think of another reason he kept asking about whether you were dating when he called."

"It was only a year."

"Well, I guess you don't have to worry that he changed his mind. He did ask you to prom. Of course, I told him you were dateless and had been the whole year."


"My brother agreed to your wishes and stayed away from you for a whole year and he still seems smitten. You are going to the same college for goodness's sake."

"That was the catch. When we broke up, I said that I wanted it to be a break. If I got my acceptance letter to the same college, then we could reconsider dating. You told him about the letter, I presume. That explains why he asked me the very next day. "

I give her a big smile as we sit down and wait for Devlin. There is one question nagging at me.

"What if he had found someone while you were testing him?" She looked down at her sandals, thinking hard.

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