Chapter 18- Soccer and Lockers Part I

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Chapter 18

When we arrived at the stadium, it took a half hour to find a spot in this immense jungle they called a parking lot. Finally after we found a space alllllllll the way in the back near this wooded area, we got out and walked to Rosemary Stadium. Rosemary Stadium is the field for Gilford Prepatory School, a school for Rhode Island’s well-to-do families. Seth told me that the officials picked this place because the stadium could hold all the teams and their fans no problem. It was less of a stadium and more of bleachers and locker rooms thrown together. There is no building per se. All I see are stairs at the back that lead up to the bleachers. "Where should we go?” I said as I look around in confusion. There are many people running around dressed in their school colors. “Over here,” said Ben.  We walk over to a table where some students are handing out schedules for the games.

“Let’s see. So Garrison should be practicing because they are up first,” said Sasha as she reads off the sheet.

“There’s a map on the back of the sheet. We are supposed to sit over there,” said Rua as she reads off her own sheet. We walk toward the direction she indicates. I see the locker room with a sign that says Garrison High right across from the stairs. We go up the stairs and see some parents in our school colors. RRRING! I get my phone out and answer it.


“Hey Ai. It’s mom. Look up. I am waving at you.” As she said, there is some crazy women waving her hand wildly. I point out my mom to everyone as we walk up to the middle region of the bleachers to sit down.

“Parking took a while, didn’t it?” asks Dad.

“Yep. We are so far away. I’m surprised we are even still considered in the parking lot,” said Sasha as she walked past him and sat by Kai.

“Sasha’s car is on the edge of the ditch near the woods. I had to climb out of her side,” said Rua as she scooted past Mom and sat down by Leon. Ben,Ty and I sat on the end.

“I think the guys are in the corner over there practicing.” I look to the corner where my mom was pointing.  I could see Devlin kicking the ball to his partner. He didn’t look too far away, so I call his name and wave. It takes two calls, but he finally notices and waves back. 

“The game Garrison High versus Twin Springs High will begin in five minutes,” said a voice over a loudspeaker. Our team walks together to their bench and huddle. The team on the other side of the field does the same.  When the referee comes out, the coaches send their starting players to the field. I am proud to say Devlin is one of them. I guess he proved himself. Within seconds of them positioning themselves, the players begin with the referee’s approval. Devlin gets the ball initially and passes it to Seth who passes it back. They keep it up this routine confusing the other team's defense. I'm just glad that they are working together. I don't know much about soccer, but I do know that they have to be really in sync to trust that the other person will be there without looking for him.My eyes follow Devlin as he moves the ball so fast and effortlessly. I didn’t have to be closer to know he was probably concentrating hard on the game. I have noticed recently that that is just how he does things --with all of his might.  Even when he didn’t have the ball, he was still paying close attention to what was going on. It was definitely a new side of him. I mean I knew he was fit, but it is different to see him in action. After a while, I stop paying attention to the game and focused on Devlin.  All of a sudden, Devlin joins the group as they huddle together and cheer.  Then, I hear shouts and screams. Someone shakes me. I turn toward Ty. “They won.” I smile as I look at the board. We won by three points. I wasn't even paying attention.

“Next game will be George Washington Magnet Academy versus Middlebury High. The game will begin in ten minutes.” I decide to go see Devlin. They should have an hour or so of break now, while the other teams play. I  have to walk out of the bleachers to get to the bottom where I saw the door. As soon as I get to at the bottom of the stairs, I begin to walk to Devlin. His black hair is wet with perspiration.  He couldn’t see me just yet because he was watching the game as he tilted his head back to drink from his water bottle. 

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