Offenders (22)

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I’d never really enjoyed winter weather. When I was young, rain always annoyed me, and the grey skies depressed me. When I was locked away in my room, the dark sky would only make my room darker and the rain would keep me awake. It usually reminded me of the gloomy days I had in that room. I hated those awful memories.

It also sucked that it was already early March and it was just starting to get cold. I was pretty sure that wasn’t how the weather was supposed to work, but it wasn’t like I was an expert. I’d been locked in a room for too long.

“I hate this place,” Aiden groaned as we walked into school one morning. “I hate everyone here and everyone hates me.”

“Everyone hates you for running Malicius over,” Anthony said with a roll of his eyes. “He’s everyone’s favorite teacher, though I can’t see why.”

I couldn’t help but agree, but both Malicius and Lynx were putting on an act to everyone else at the school. They had no idea what they were truly like or what their true intentions were.

This made me realize that even we didn’t know what their intentions were. We had no idea why they were even at the school. They were the reason why we were there, but we didn’t know why they were there in the first place…

“I wouldn’t be against setting this place on fire,” Aiden suggested, completely serious. “I can do it real easily, too.”

“We’re the good guys,” I reminded them flatly, as if this was something they’d forgotten. “I am, at least.”

Aiden rolled his eyes. “Barely.”

I couldn’t help but feel offended. “And what is that supposed to mean?” I snapped.

I shouldn’t have even asked him that, since Aiden always made negative comments, especially towards me. I didn’t know why he always had to put his two cents in about everything.

“How can you be a good guy when you can’t even control your powers?” he shrugged.

I shot him a flat look. “You literally just suggested we burn down the school.”

“At least I’d have control over what I’m doing,” he shrugged, as if it was no big deal. “Anyway, I was just joking.”

“No you weren’t,” Anthony interjected before I could say it.

I was still a little ticked off as I said, “I’m a good guy.”

Aiden shrugged in a way that told me he didn’t believe me but he wasn’t in the mood to argue about it any longer. “Okay,” was all he said.

There was no point in trying to argue with Aiden. You could never change his mind.

“How about you two stop bitching and pay attention to more important things?” Dex interjected as he rubbed his hands up and down his arms. “My jacket’s missing and it’s freezing.”

I shot him a flat look. “It’s not our fault you only have one jacket.”

“And it’s not our fault you’re such a little girl,” a new voice suddenly put in, and I turned to see Lena making her way up to us. Dex scowled at her. “It’s only supposed to get colder and colder. Go buy a couple of freaking jackets or else you’re going to get sick and die.”

Dex said nothing to this, because he knew that the rest of us agreed with Lena. At least he usually knew when to shut up, unlike Aiden.

When I saw Lynx making a beeline toward us down the hall, I felt my stomach drop. I always hated seeing her and Malicius. She had something clutched in her hand as she came right to Dex.

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