Offenders (12)

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Bright and early Monday morning, Hank and Nay had us up before we usually were and had us meet in the meeting room before getting ready for school.

We stood there, all of us in our pajamas as we waited for Hank and Nay. My eyes would droop shut as I rested my cheek in my hand.

Usually, I could be a morning person. But right then, it was just too early for any teenager in their right mind to be awake. Especially when they had to go to school in what felt like such a short amount of time.

“Hey, Violet,” Anthony called out to me from across the table we were sitting at. “You might as well wake up since we’re going to school after this.”

“Hell no,” Dex scowled, answering for me. “There’s no way I’m getting ready and going to school after this. I’m going back to bed, no matter what time we get out of here.”

“I agree,” I nodded, giving Dex a tired fist bump.

“Come on,” Anthony grinned. “It’s a beautiful morning.”

I made a face. “I hate that you’re a morning person.”

Anthony rolled his eyes, but was unable to say anything to me when Hank and Nay entered the room. They were way too properly groomed and dress for this hour. They also seemed very awake and I just didn’t understand how that was even possible. What time did they get up to get ready, or did they always look this good?

“Good morning,” Nay greeted, smiling when she noticed how the only one who was fine with being away was Anthony. Kristie was even snoozing with her head in her arms. Aiden elbowed her in the side to wake her up.

“It’s nice to see you all so bright and chipper on this fine morning,” Hank smiled, and I knew he was just acting this way so he could waste as much of our sleeping time as he possibly could. “You’re all always such a delight to work with.”

“Get on with it,” I grunted, my head nearly falling off the hand I was resting it on.

“Alright, alright,” Hank laughed. It was too early in the morning to laugh. “We just thought we’d tell you guys that we have an announcement.”

“You better be engaged,” Aiden groaned. “There’s nothing else you could say that’d make it acceptable to be up this early. Even an engagement’s pushing it.”

“Are you running off and getting married?” Kristie questioned groggily now. “Because that’s a reason to be up this early in the morning. Or have you already gotten married and this is how you’re going to tell us?”

Nay rolled her eyes. “We’re not engaged, and haven’t eloped and we’re not going to. This announcement had much more to do with you all than it does with Hank and me.”

Aiden immediately perked up. “A new mission?” he asked, sounding much like a dog excited over a ball.

Nay shook her head. “No, not a new mission.”

“Why can’t we have a real mission?” Aiden complained. “We’ve been stuck at that high school for weeks and I’ve been going insane.”

“You stopped the robbers at a jewelry store,” Hank reminded him.

This didn’t make Aiden any happier. “But I barely even did anything!”

“And whose fault is that?” Dex snapped. “You’ve just got to move faster.”

“Anthony’s the one with speed, not me!”

Nay rolled her eyes at my teammates. “Aiden, you attending high school is a mission.”

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