Offenders (3)

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“This is so exciting!” Kristie exclaimed as we were driven to our first day of school. “High school seems like it’s going to be so much fun, isn’t it?”

I didn’t agree with her, even though I had no experience with it unlike our three other teammates. So I let them handle her while I just stared out the window and watched all the trees pass by,

When Hank and Nay dropped the six of us off at school Monday morning, it brought memories back of my foster parents dropping me off at school when I was a kid. Back then was a much simpler time, that was for sure.

“So this is a high school, huh?” I gulped as I looked up at the school. “It’s… big.”

It wasn’t as big as the DAU, but it was much bigger than my middle school had been. But I guess that was to be expected.

I started off the day in physics with Lena, who seemed bored out of her mind throughout the entire class period. I didn’t really blame her, considering our teacher spoke in a complete monotone voice and three people were asleep throughout the classroom.

If all classes in school were this boring, I didn’t think I’d be able to get through it. Even sitting in my room and learning off a computer had been more fun than that class.

Dex and I had Malicius’s class together. He taught history, and went as Mr. Grand. I knew that being in a classroom with him was going to be horrible, but since it was part of the mission, I was going to have to do it.

Malicius didn’t even react to Dex and I being in his classroom. He noticed that there were new students, told the class this, and then seated us. But other than that, we got no response from him. It was almost as if he hadn’t even recognized us.

I studied the kids in the class, like I had been doing in all my classes before this one. They were all different shapes and sizes, and they were all in separate groups. They were not all friends with each other, but with specific people.

“Violet,” I heard someone suddenly call out, and I snapped out of my trance to see that it had been Malicius from the front of the classroom. Though he was smiling at me, I could see the usual wickedness that was always in his eyes. “Violet is your name, correct?”

I nodded, fighting the urge to tell him he already knew my name. “Yes, it is.”

“Could you answer the question I asked?” he asked me now, and I felt my eyes go wide because I had no idea what the question was. Malicius saw this. “What was the Quartering Act?”

The Quartering Act? Was I really supposed to know what that was? I had no idea! This was US history, but I hadn’t gotten that far in my homeschooling, so I had absolutely no idea what the answer was.

A few kids in the class noticed that I had no idea, and I heard them snickering. The boy sitting in front of Dex was laughing so loudly that it was distracting me even more.

Dex suddenly kicked the back of the boy’s chair, and it suddenly broke and he went falling backwards onto the ground. Everyone’s attention now went to him and off of me, and I smiled at Dex to thank him.

While all the other kids were paying attention to the boy on the floor, Malicius smirked at me. He was finally showing his true self. “Do you not know the answer, Violet?”

I glared back at him, not backing away from this challenge. “No, I don’t, Mr. Grand.”

Suddenly, another boy across the room raised his hand and Malicius called on him. He said the answer like he was reading it out of a textbook, and I couldn’t help but be reminded of Anthony.

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