Offenders (2)

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Making our way down the hall to the meeting room, a set of footsteps caught me off guard. I then looked up to see a football flying through the air, right at me while Aiden chased after it.

“Aiden, you’re going to break something!” I cried out, both of us falling to the ground as he caught the ball and rammed right into me. “Or, you know, you could break me!”

Aiden rolled himself off me without even letting go of the football. At least he helped me up, though Dex was right there to help me as well.

“Aiden,” Nay snapped at the leader of my team. “What the heck made you think you could play football in the hallway?”

Aiden jabbed his thumb over his shoulder. “It was Hank’s idea.”

We looked up to see our very sheepish male mentor waving at us from down the hall. Nay’s eyes narrowed. “Hank, I would really appreciate it if you didn’t support this kind of behavior. Violet could have gotten hurt a lot worse.”

“It would have healed in like five minutes,” Aiden murmured, but Nay chose to ignore him.

“Sorry, Violet,” Hank apologized, that sheepish grin still on his face. “We didn’t know anyone was going to come down the hallway for a while. We thought everyone was in their rooms and you were being questioned by Nay.”

“She was,” our female mentor said now, taking a step toward the meeting room and placing her palm on the scanner. “But we’ve finished. And now we have to get the rest of the team inside so we can inform them of their next mission.”

“Mission?” Aiden nearly dropped the football as he reacted like a dog to a ball that was about to be thrown. “We’re going to go on a mission?”

Nay rolled her eyes and stepped inside the meeting room once the door opened. Aiden, Dex, and I followed her while Hank left to go get Anthony and Kristie.

“It’s been weeks,” Aiden sighed, plopping down in a seat and throwing the football up in the air before catching it again. “I’ve been waiting to go on another mission forever. Training is so boring.”

I made a face at him. “Training is a necessity that helps us so we don’t get killed on our missions.”

“Training is a necessity that helps us we don’t get killed on our missions,” Aiden mocked, his voice high pitched as he tried to copy me. My scowl only deepened. Did I really sound like that? “I don’t care. It’s still boring.”

There was no way you could ever win with him, so there was no point in even trying. Even I didn’t like training, but I knew that we had to do it or else we’d never get to go out on missions and then Aiden would have just been even sourer.

The door now slid open again to reveal our second mentor and two other teammates. Aiden’s eyes lit up when he saw the redhead. I rolled my eyes.

I wasn’t the kind of person that liked seeing couples together, even though Aiden and Kristie weren’t exactly a couple. But anyone could tell that Aiden wanted to be with her more than anything else.

Kristie still wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, but it wasn’t as annoying as it used to be. I had gotten used to her not really understanding what was going on. She wouldn’t have been Kristie if she wasn’t airheaded.

“We have a new mission for you,” she said, standing up from the computer while a picture of a school flashed on the large screen. “This is it. The five of you will be attending Westwood High School.”

I just stared at her, completely shocked. The rest of my teammates seemed surprised by this as well. This was the last thing we ever expected for them to tell us.

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