Offenders (21)

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I’d never seen such shocked faces as the faces of almost every boy at school when they saw Kristie’s short, purple hair. Aiden seemed to be the only one who was happy about their reactions.

“You’re an awful human being,” Anthony informed Aiden as we trailed behind Kristie and Dex as we walked though the hallway.

Aiden rolled his eyes. “Kristie doesn’t need all these guys fawning over her.”

Anthony rolled his eyes as well. “But it’s okay for you to fawn over her?”

“Shut up!” Aiden snapped, punching Anthony in the arm. The nerdy boy winced. “I’m not thinking about indecent things when I think about her!”

“I doubt that,” Anthony muttered now. Aiden only glared and said nothing more on the subject. I was glad that they dropped it, because I didn’t want the conversation to continue.

It was weird to see all the boys not go nuts over Kristie like they usually did. Her face was still beautiful, but she was no longer perfect. Her hair was such a distraction that it didn’t even matter what her face looked like.

I hated teenage boys. All they cared about was how girls looked. I doubt any of them knew what Kristie’s personality was actually even like. Were they all like that, or just the ones at my school?

“So, are you going to ask Kristie to the dance now that all the competition has disappeared?” I couldn’t help but ask Aiden.

“What about the dance?” Dex suddenly butted in, something I really didn’t want him to do.

I hated talking to Dex about the dance. Actually, I hated talking to him about pretty much everything because every conversation we had seemed to turn into a fight.

“Violet was asking Aiden who he’s going to ask to the dance,” Anthony informed his strong teammate. “She wasn’t talking about Tom.”

Dex glared at Anthony, and I made a face. Tom had nothing to do with this conversation and yet he still managed to get mentioned. At least it wasn’t by Dex this time, though it was still pretty awful.

“Who are you going to ask to the dance, Aiden?” Kristie questioned, deciding to join the conversation now and not just listen in on it.

Aiden turned red. “I… I don’t know yet.”

Anthony and I rolled our eyes.

“What about you, Dex?” Kristie now asked, and I really wished she hadn’t. “I’m sure there have been a ton of girls that have asked you.”

Dex shrugged. “Yeah, but I’ve said no to them all.”

I blanched. I hadn’t even though about the fact that other girls might have wanted to go with him. All I thought about was Vanessa.

“Then who do you want to go with, then?” Kristie asked again. I really wished she’d just stop talking because I didn’t want to hear it.

“Her name starts with a V,” I sneered just as Vanessa came into view from across the hall.

Anthony gave me a look as if he wanted to hit me. Kristie looked at Vanessa and seemed to understand what I meant. Aiden, however, made a disgusted face, as if he was going to throw up.

“You want to take Vanessa?” he scowled. He actually looked like he was going to vomit, which was not something I was expecting from him. “She’s a total skank.”

It wasn’t like I was going to say anything to defend her, since I didn’t exactly disagree. It wasn’t like she was a very nice person either, so she definitely didn’t need me defending her.

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