Offenders (8)

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“And this is because of Newton’s First Law!” my physics teacher ended dramatically, but I hadn’t even been listening to the story in the first place.

Physics was not a fun class to have first thing in the morning. I found it hard to stay awake, and everyone else in the class seemed to feel the same way as our teacher droned on and on from the front of the room.

Second period was much better. I had this class with Lena as well, and even though all the students didn’t seem to want to be there, the teacher always seemed happy. It was too bad I barely even knew what she was saying.

“¡Buenas tardes!” our teacher greeted us with a clap of her hands. “¿Cómo estan?”

The class greeted her back and answered her question unenthusiastically, just like they always did. Unlike everyone else in my beginning Spanish class, I was actually interested in learning the language.

“Hey, are you busy today?” Lena suddenly whispered to me as our teacher continued to lecture at the front of the room.

I blinked as I thought for a moment. “No,” I finally answered. “I’m not. Why?”

“We should hang out today,” she informed me. “We don’t have to go anywhere; we can just hang out at the DAU. I just don’t want to go home. It’s so boring there.”

“Oh, okay,” I nodded. “That’s fine, I guess. I don’t think Hank and Nay will have a problem with it.”

I didn’t see why they would. Lena was Nay’s niece and Hank practically acted like he was her uncle. They may not have acted like it sometimes, but I knew they were happy to see her whenever she decided to come and visit.

“Violet, Lena,” our Spanish teacher started with a smile from the front of the room, though I could tell she was annoyed. “Is there something you’d like to say in front of the class?”

Lena sunk down in her seat a little, mumbling, “No, Señora. No importante. Lo siento.”

Our teacher turned back toward the board, and Lena and I said nothing more. I might have liked the class, but I definitely didn’t like everyone’s attention on me. It made me feel a little uncomfortable.

After school, as I was making my way out of class to meet Lena, I was stopped when someone suddenly grabbed my arm. I turned in surprise to see that it was Tom, and I let out a small sigh of relief because I was afraid that it had been Vanessa or Lynx.

“Hey,” he greeted me with a smile, and I couldn’t help but smile back at him. “Are you busy right now?”

This was the last thing I expected to come out of his mouth, and it caught me off guard. So much so that I wasn’t even able to answer right away, and I probably looked like a crazy person to him.

“Um, yeah,” I finally answered honestly, even though I wished I could have said no. “Lena's coming over and we're going to hang out for a little bit.”

I didn't include the part where us hanging out mostly meant I was going to be in the exercise room training while Lena and I just gossiped, but I didn't think he needed to know that part.

He seemed disappointed. “Oh. I kind of wanted to hang out with you.”

Butterflies fluttered in my stomach. He wanted to hang out with me. He wanted to spend time with me. I felt excited, but scared at the same time. I hadn’t ever really been alone with him before, and the only guys I had ever been around were Aiden, Dex, and Anthony. And I knew that they were not like regular boys.

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