Offenders (9)

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I wanted to talk to Dex, but at the same time I didn't. I had no idea what might have happened if we tried to talk to each other. We both were obviously not in the best mood and we seemed to just make it worse for one another.

“Violet,” Lena called out as I hurried my way down the hall, right by the rubble the flying punching bag had caused. “Don’t go so fast!”

But I didn’t stop. I didn’t want to. I needed to get out of the DAU. I needed to clear my head.

But I wasn’t able to get very far. Hank and Nay suddenly skidded out of the meeting room and into the hallway, stopping me dead in my tracks, along with Lena and Kristie, who were behind me.

“What just happened?” Nay asked, referring to the mess behind me.

Dex was still in the exercise room. If I didn't leave quickly, he'd come out and I'd have to face him again. I did not want to see him yet.

But Hank and Nay were blocking my way to the exit. There was no way I could get by them. I was stuck, unless I spoke. But I just didn't know what I was supposed to say.

“Violet,” Nay said, looking from me, to Kristie, and then to Lena. “What is going on?”

How was I supposed to answer that question? Oh, nothing much happened, really. Dex just kissed me and I flipped out, and then he punched a punching bag through a wall. That wasn’t that big of a deal, right?

Just then, Dex made his way out of the exercise room through the hole he had made. He seemed surprised to see us all standing there looking at him.

“Um, hi,” was how he greeted us.

Nay seemed to be growing frustrated now. “Maybe I’ll be able to get an answer out of you,” she sighed. “What just happened?”

Dex looked at me, and both of us looked away when we noticed the other person looking. I felt incredibly awkward.

Hank seemed to understand that it had something to do with Dex and me. “Oh,” was all he said, the word long and drawn out.

Nay was still frustrated. Kristie and Lena were silent. Dex and I still didn’t look at each other.

“I was pissed,” Dex finally said, shocking me by speaking. “I was pissed and I wanted to punch something. Sorry, Nay.”

Though she seemed relieved that someone had finally given her an answer, she was still visibly angry. But much to my surprise, instead of focusing her anger entirely on Dex, she turned toward me.

“What did you do?” she questioned, obviously annoyed.

I stared at her for a moment, completely dumbfounded. What did I do? I stood up for myself!

Annoyed as well, I answered Nay’s question. “I didn’t do anything,” I huffed. “Dex is the one at fault here!”

Dex rolled his eyes at me. “I’m not the one going out on a date with someone I just met!”

Hank looked from me, to Dex, and then—with Nay this time—again went, “Oh…”

“Who I go on a date with is none of your business!” I shouted at him now.

“It is too!” Dex’s fists were clenched at his sides. “You’ve been locked away for five years; you don’t know anything! He could take advantage of you!”

I scowled. “Like you took advantage of me?”

Dex looked shocked. “I didn’t take advantage of you!” he exclaimed. “I only kissed you!”

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