Offenders (6)

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The gym was loud, hot, and stuffy. I didn’t like it at all.

This was supposed to be fun? I didn’t see the appeal. All people were doing were screaming at the top of their lungs over games that were ridiculously stupid. All I could do was stare in complete and utter confusion as I sat in the very top, my back against the wall of the gym.

Kristie was to my left, Lena was to my right, and Anthony, Dex, and Aiden were all in front of us. Kristie seemed really into the rally while the rest of us didn’t really care all that much. But whatever, it was an excuse to get out of class, I guess.

We were seated by grade, so the juniors and the seniors were in individual sections on one side of the gym while the freshmen and the sophomores were on the other. It really just seemed like organized chaos.

“Isn’t this fun?” Kristie asked with a wide smile.

I shrugged. “I guess.”

I bent over to make sure my bag was still safely in between my legs, and it was. I then looked back up to see what was going on down on the floor to see the dancers were now getting into position, and Dex perked up from in front of me.

“Of course this is the part that you’re excited for,” Lena sighed with a roll of her eyes. “How about you keep your mouth shut and stop drooling.”

“I’m not drooling!”

“You’re about to!”

“The dancers are hot,” Dex groaned, leaning back so he was suddenly in between my legs. I felt my face heat up. His eyes went wide when he saw where he was and he immediately sat up straight and quickly said, “They’re ridiculously hot. Aren’t they, Anthony?”

Our brainy friend didn’t even look at Dex. “I think the person you really think that way about isn’t in front of you, Dex.”

Dex elbowed Anthony in the side. “Shut up.”

The boy sitting in front of Dex, who had been listening in on the conversation, turned around and said, “You know who’s the hottest chick down there? Vanessa.”

Dex nodded in agreement. “Definitely one of the hottest, I think.”

I ended up kneeing him in the back without even a moment’s thought. “Is it possible for you to think of anything else other than girls?” I couldn’t help but snap at him.

Dex shrugged uncaringly. “I’m a hormonal teenage boy.”

I didn’t feel like continuing this conversation with him, so I let him continue talking to the boy in front of him as I just sat there, unable to stop myself from listening in on what they were saying.

“It’s a shame that she’s Tom’s ex though,” this guy continued on about Vanessa with a shake of his head. Dex gave him a look that told him to continue on. “She was the one that broke up with him, but I think she still wants him back.”

I felt something twist in the pit of my stomach, but I tried my best to ignore it as I continued to watch the dancers down below. But I couldn’t stop watching Vanessa. Sure, she was pretty, but what was so special about her? She was rude and mean.

I wasn’t so sure Vanessa wanted Tom back. She had tried to befriend me, someone she obviously didn’t like, because she wanted to get closer to Dex. Why would she want to be with Tom when she showed obvious interest in Dex?

I could tell the relationships people had with each other. Tom and Dex obviously didn’t like each other very much. Vanessa and Dex found each other very attractive. I knew that Vanessa was still attracted to her ex, but she did not want to get back together with him. She was interested in Dex much more than she was with Tom.

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