Offenders (13)

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Saturday morning, Hank and Nay called us into the meeting room.

It wasn’t ridiculously early, but it was still too early for a Saturday morning. At least they’d called us in on a Saturday and not a school day. If I had to go to school after this like the last time they had called us for a meeting, I didn’t think I’d be able to make it.

Everyone seemed to be wide awake but me. I wasn’t exactly tired, just angry that I was being forced out of bed.

“Good morning,” Anthony greeted me with a laugh.

I grunted. “Morning." 

Dex gave us a look. “It’s ten o’clock in the morning. Why are you so grumpy?”

“You’re one to talk when it comes to being grumpy,” Anthony commented with a smirk.

I rolled my eyes at the two of them. “I’m used to sleeping irregularly from when I was locked in my room,” I explained as we entered the meeting room. Aiden and Kristie were already there. “Old habits die hard.”

I looked around to see that Hank and Nay were both already inside the meeting room, waiting for us. I really hoped whatever they had to say to us was no very important so I could go back to sleep.

“Good morning,” Hank greeted, and I was the only one out of my teammates that didn’t say it back. Why did all our meetings have to be so early? Even if it wasn’t actually that early…

Nay smirked. “You all look so happy to be here.”

“Bright and chipper as always, aren’t you, Violet?” Hank grinned at me. “I see you’re not a morning person.”

I hated mornings. Mornings were awful. They were way too bright for me.

I shook my head. “Not at all.”

“So, why’d you call us in here, Nay?” Kristie questioned.

“Well, we’re aware of how much Aiden wants an other mission other than high school,” Nay informed us as I took a seat. The rest of my teammates stood. “So, we were wondering. Do any of you even want another mission right now?”

Aiden raised his hand. The rest of us didn’t even move.

“Come on,” our leader complained. “You guys don’t want to go on a real mission? High school is so boring!”

“I have a project to work on,” Anthony shrugged.

“I have homework to do,” Kristie explained.

“I’m tired,” I put in.

“I just don’t want to,” Dex informed uncaringly.

Aiden did not look happy that he was stuck with teammates that’d rather do school work than a real mission. But at least in high school, I knew we were safe. Well, as safe as we could be with Lynx and Malicius in the same building, but they’d surprisingly done nothing in the months we’d been there. That frightened me only slightly.

“Fine,” Aiden pouted, crossing his arms over his chest. “I guess we’re not going on a mission then.”

I shrugged. “Boo-hoo.”

Nay let out a sigh. “I guess you can go work on whatever schoolwork you have now.”

“I’m tired,” I yawned, standing up and stretching before turning toward the door to leave. “If you need me, don’t wake me up.”

I started toward the door, none of them stopping me from going anywhere. But before I could open it, however, someone was already coming inside. Without opening the door.

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