Offenders (28)

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"There's a cockroach in the bathroom!"

Lena had shouted this, and it was then followed by a high-pitched, drawn out scream from Kristie. I covered my ears as it continued for a good thirty seconds. 

Unlike the two other girls in the bathroom with me, I was not afraid of the cockroach. When I lived at my old foster home, there were bugs in my room all the time. I'd gotten used to them because most of them were usually harmless.

"Someone kill it!" Kristie screeched, actual tears in her eyes as she stood on top of the closed toilet.

Lena was on the counter, holding one shoe in her hand as she got ready to throw it. "If it'd stop moving, I'd be able to get it!"

I didn't really know what to do or say. It wasn't a scary thing; it was just a bug. It was completely harmless.

Now, the reason we were all in the bathroom was simple. We were getting ready for the dance when suddenly the cockroach appeared, causing both Lena and Kristie to freak out. I couldn't have cared less.

The bathroom door burst open the reveal my three male teammates, all seemingly worried at the fact that two of us were screaming. I just stared at them flatly, since I still couldn't believe they were freaking out over a little bug.

"What's wrong?" Aiden demanded, his hands engulfing in flames.

"Is that, like, your go-to move?" I couldn't help but ask, but he ignored me.

"Did you not hear me?" Lena shouted at him. "There's a cockroach!"

Aiden's hands immediately extinguished himself and he stared at the girls flatly, just like I had been. Clearly he felt the same way I did.

Dex blinked as he looked from me, to Kristie, to Lena, and then to the cockroach. "You wouldn't think this was a bathroom filled with superhuman women, would you?" he asked to no one in particular.

"You shut up!" Lena barked.

"Lena... it's a bug," I couldn't help but comment, being the only one of the three girls to still be standing on the tiled floor, not that far away from the cockroach.

This didn't make Lena feel any better. "You shut up, too!"

"Someone just kill it!" Kristie pleaded, tears in her eyes. "I just want it gone!"

Aiden sighed, stepping into the bathroom and bending over to pick the cockroach up. Kristie screamed once again as Aiden stood back up with the cockroach in the palm of his hand.

"Hey, little guy," Aiden said, petting it's head. "How're you?"

"Don't talk to it!" Lena hissed, throwing her shoe at him. "That just makes it even worse!"

Aiden nodded as the cockroach responded to him. Sometimes I forgot he could talk to animals since he rarely ever used that power since he didn't really need to. We didn't deal with animals often.

"I'm taking him outside," Aiden informed us, turning toward the door. "He's just trying to find food for his family."

"Doesn't make him any less gross!" Lena called out after him.

"You guys okay now?" Anthony asked as the two girls finally got back onto the floor. "No kind of danger? No more bugs?"

"I mean, it's not like you have powers or anything," Dex commented.

Lena glared at him. "We might be superhuman, but we're still girls!"

"Not all girls are scared of bugs though," Anthony pointed out, as if it should have been obvious. Which I guess it kind of should have been. "Violet wasn't freaking out like you two were."

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