Offenders (4)

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High school boys did one thing I had been expecting from them.

They couldn’t keep their eyes off of Kristie.

Aiden and I were the only ones bothered by it. Anthony could have cared less, Kristie was completely oblivious to the entire matter, and Dex seemed to have something else bothering him.

I just didn’t understand what was so special about Kristie. Yes, she was beautiful, but she was so… stupid. There wasn’t any other way to describe her. She was beautiful, but stupid. And I wasn’t just saying that because I was jealous of her.

But even after they spoke to her, the boys still liked her. Did all teenage boys like stupid girls?

No boys ever talked to me, not counting my teammates or Tom. But Kristie couldn’t go a day without some guy coming up to her.

Aiden was obviously very displeased, though Kristie still didn’t notice a thing. She just thought she was making friends and was happy about it. She had no idea what these boys’ intentions were.

I really didn’t like it. I never liked seeing boys hitting on Kristie while acting like I wasn’t even there. It wasn’t like I even wanted them to hit on me or anything. At least a hello would have been nice. I also didn’t like how she wasn’t aware of what they really wanted from her.

Kristie, Kristie, Kristie was all everyone ever thought about. She was beautiful, yet stupid. If she were smart, I would have had an even bigger reason to be jealous of her.

 I hated that I was jealous of her. It just made me feel stupid and ashamed, but I just couldn’t help but feel this way.

But Kristie was still my friend, and I couldn’t blame her for looking the way she did. I didn’t think she could look bad even if she tried to.

“Hello,” a new voice suddenly greeted me while I sat in the library during my short free period. I looked up in surprise to see Vanessa smiling down at me. “You’re… Violet, right?”

I only nodded. “Uh… yeah. I’m Violet.”

She looked completely different from the last time I had seen her. She was smiling at me like we were old friends, though I could tell that it was forced. I didn’t think we’d ever be able to be friends after our first encounter.

She now looked at the seat next to me at the empty table. “Can I sit here?” she asked.

I blinked at her. What was her problem? Why was she being so nice to me?

“Sure,” was how I answered, because if I had said no and she left, I’d only grow even more confused.

She smiled and took the seat right next to me. I fought the urge to scoot my seat away. I didn’t really want to be near her. There was something about her I just didn’t like.

“So, how are you enjoying Westwood so far?” she asked me.

I was so confused by her actions that I wasn’t even able to answer right away, but then I was finally able to find my voice and say, “It’s a… nice school.”

There wasn’t much I could say about it. I didn’t have enough experience to compare it to other schools, and it wasn’t like anything really bad had happened here that would have made me dislike it. Well, not counting Malicius and Lynx being there… But even Kristie and all her boys weren’t bad enough to make me dislike the place, since that would have happened wherever we went.

Vanessa just kept smiling at me, and it made me feel very uncomfortable. Was something going to jump out and attack me or something? I wouldn’t have been surprised.

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