Chapter 18.

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Luke stayed at the house for the night. He slept on the couch and the rest of us in our rooms.

I know im probably going to have another bad dream but i will have to tough it out. I don't want to feel like a wimp, by sleeping with jayson or Damien.

I woke with a start. Cold swet covered my body. I was panting. Why was I having so many bad dreams? Its getting annoying.

I got up to go get a drink when i heard voices from the living room.

" No seriously luke why are you here?" damien asked harshly.

I wonder why they hate each other so much? Did Lucas to something bad to Damien? Or did Damien do something bad to Lucas?

" you know why im here Damien. You were ment to bring a girl home for me! Not keep her for yourself!" luke yelled.

did he just say what I think he just said? What the hell?

" dude i know that. But , i like her. Alot more then i should. Im sorry but i cant give her up. And plus she would never go to you anyway. " Damien snapped back.

" oh really. And why would that be?" luke asked smoothly.

" you know why," damien said.

" enlighten me," luke said smugly

" you fucking killed her best friend." Damien said quietly.

I gasped out loud. They both looked at me and their eyes widend. Tears welled up in my eyes. Luke killed alex!?

Why didnt anybody tell me? And about this damien supposed to bring luke a girl?

" Aundreya. You wernt supposed to hear that," luke said.

I was crying now and damien suddenly showed up infront of me and hugged me. I pushed his away and cryed harder. I fell to the ground.

' JAY ' i yelled to him with my mind. Jay showed me how to do that, a while ago.

A second later jayson appered infront of me worry in his eyes. He looked around until his eyes landed on me on the floor. His eyes widend.

I looked at him and i shot up. I ran into his arms and he hugged me.

" jay , lucas killed Alex ," i cryed into his chest.

I could hear his breath catch. " i know cupcake, i know." he said rubbing my back.

I pulled away. " You knew?"I asked quietly. "why didn't you tell me? you too Damien,"

All the guys ran down the stairs.

" did you guys know that Lucas killed Alex too? "i asked. They nodded.

" why didnt you tell me?" i asked crying again.

" aundreya we couldnt. Luke forbid us to. Please you have to understand. " damien pleaded. I shook my head.

" leave me the hell alone!" i yelled and ran up the stairs to my room.


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