Chapter 16.

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Jay looked so angry he could kill. He is so pretective over me.

I followed him down the stairs. He was already down the stairs and in the kitchen by the time i got down the stairs. My arms felt cold , i looked down and realized i took my ice cream with me. I took my spoon and took a bite.

I looked to the kitchen and saw sabrina all over damien. She ran her finger down his bare chest.

She really ment it when she said she was going to go after him.

Damien looked uncomfortable.

Jay picked her up and carried her to the door. I chuckled.

I took another bite of my ice cream. I got a weird look from jake and stephan. I stuck my tounge out at them. Jay came back into the room and he took a deep breath. He saw me and looked sad.

" im so sorry drey, i didnt know she was the one who you caught fucking your boyfriend. You have no idea how bad i feel. And now she was all over damien." he said. All the guys eyes widend. They all looked at me for conformation. I nodded. I looked at jay. He looked sad.

" jayson its fine. I just... When i saw her and she talked to me like that... I couldnt help but attack her. I wouldve just left it but i couldnt help it. She took my boyfriend. Its.. Im sorry. And i forgive you. You didnt know. " i said sadly.

" wait, you attacked her?" i heard derrek ask. " yep," i answered.

I saw him smile and i would've smiled back if damien didnt come and give me a hug.

I almost dropped my ice cream. I fought back tears. I pushed him away. " dont touch me ," i said as harshly as i could.

" aundreya please, im sorry. " he said pleadingly. Tears almost fell down my face.

I really just wanted to take him back.

" whats going on?" jake asked standig beside me.

" damien what did you do? Why is she sad?" jake asked.

I sighed. I walked up the stairs but someone caught my hand.

" aundreya tell me what happend." jake asked me. I sniffed.

" ask damien," i whispered. I ran up the stairs and closed the door behind me.

Damiens pov

Oh my fucking god. I wish she would just forgive me. It hurts me to see her hurting. When i said i liked her , she looked so happy. I miss her. I know its

Only been a day but i have the urge to kiss her.

Really bad . I cant believe i kissed fucking brianna! I hate her! She seriously just came in my room kissed me and then aundreya walked in. I am so mad.

" dude tell us what you did and why aundreya is so upset." stephan said.

I sighed. " well she kinda likes me and i kinda like her. The she walked in on brianna kissing me and now shes upset. She doesnt believe i like her and she doesnt believe that we should be together," i said.

" damien! Did you kiss brianna back?" jake asked. I nodded.

" but i couldnt help it. I was going to push her off but the aundreya walked in. I swear. I just want her back but she wont talk to me or let me touch her." i said. Jake sighed. " dude you screwed up. Bad. " he said. I sighed. " i know."

Aundreyas pov

I was really considering taking damien back. I thought about it and fell asleep.

I woke up in the middle of the night. Again i had a really bad dream.

I have no idea what in the hell i was thinking but i needed damien right now.

I got up and made my way to damiens room. I bumped into someone and i looked up. It was jayson. " what are you doing up?" he asked.

I shrugged. " i um , i n-need to see , uh damien ," i said hesitantly.

He smirked. " of coarse you do, you do know hes probibly half naked in his bed right now. Oh wait, you probibly want to see him half naked. " jay said. I blushed and smacked his chest.

He laughed " you know its true ," he winked.

" shut up jayson ," i said walking into damiens room. I heard him laugh and i shook my head.

I shut the door and turned around.. Jay was right damien was half naked.

Damn! he is so sexy.

My heart thudded in my chest and i suddenly felt nervous. He looked so peaceful. His tousled snow white hair was looking sexy all messed up. I sighed. I walked over to his bed and sat on his bed his back turned to me.

" aundreya?" he asked groggily. I jumped. I turned to him to see his beautiful black eyes staring at me in shock.

" um hey damien," i said.

" whats wrong ?" he asked. I sighed. Tears stung my eyes. He sat up and hesitantly hugged me.

I hugged him back and cryed silently . " Damien, I-I'm so sorry about how i acted. I've been such a bitch to you. i still dont believe that you like me the same way i like you. But I just want you to know, I'm not mad anymore," i said sadly.

He pulled away and looked into my eyes. " aundreya. I like you. The exact same way you like me. I swear. Im so sorry about what i did and you had every reason to be a bitch to me. I never wanted to hurt you. I dont want you to be hurting. I swear i was going to push her off. I really like you. I do," he said looking into my eyes.

" i know your sorry damien. And after that sweet speech i think i might believe you actually like me. I just dont want to get hurt and your a player thats the reason i dont believe that you can like me. You have sex with a girl the move to a different girl and i dont want that to happen to me." i said looking down. He lifted up my face. " i will never hurt you again," he said. I smiled and he kissed me.

God i missed his lips. I kissed him back immediately.


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