Chapter 4.

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Chapter 4.

About an hour later, Jayson took me upstairs and gave me a tour.

Their house was seriously huge. We stopped infront of my new room.
When I first saw it I gasped.
It had a huge king sized bed with violet covers that matched my eyes, my own bathroom, black walls, a desk, a full sized mirror, and a window that sees the front yard. I loved it.

Me and Jayson stayed in here for hours just asking each other questions.

Later, Damien came in and made my heart race at the sight of him.

He said that it was practically 3 in the morning so I should get to bed. I didn't want to leave Jayson but I needed to get out of this place. I have his number and he has mine so we will keep in touch.

As we walked out, Jayson had whispered, "I'm still planning on making you moan louder than Stephan. Don't think I forgot," huskily in my ear making me shiver. He kissed my neck and walked away to his room smirking.

So here I am, sitting on my new bed, waiting for the right moment I can make my move. I was starting to have doubts though. What if I got caught? What if Jayson hated me after?

A half hour after Damien went to bed I thought would be okay. So I crept out of my room, and tiptoed down the stairs to the front door.
I sighed in relief when I made it there without anyone catching me.

I ran to the door and opend it. As soon as I was outside and the door was closed I wanted to go back inside. It was so cold. I was shivering violently. My black hair was blowing in every direction. I took a deep breath and ran into the woods.

I almost ran into a few trees but I dodged them the best I could with how fast i was running. It was hard to run when you can barely see anything.

After about 10 minutes of running I was exhausted. I stopped. And as soon as I did I heard a twig break and the feeling that someone was watching me. I turned around and saw nothing.

I shrugged and turned around. As soon as I did I gasped and fell to the cold ground.

There infront of me stood Jake and Jayson. Jayson looked pissed and Jake just looked tired.

I sighed.
"Aundreya. what the fuck? Why would you run away? Especially in the dark? Someone could have hurt you. what the hell were you thinking?!" he yelled harshly at me.

I looked up at him. I didn't know Jayson had a mean side.

"I.." I was cut off.

"You were just using me to pass the time, huh? I thought you actually liked me," Jayson yelled at me.

Tears started strolling down my face.
"Jayson..I-" he cut me off again.

"Whatever Aundreya. I don't care. Don't ever talk to me again." he said, venom in his voice. His brown eyes were cold.

This side of Jayson scared me. I liked the flirty, happy Jayson from before. Jayson walked away from me.

I started full on crying now. I looked up at Jake and he looked worried...

"Aundreya. He really likes you. Did you have any idea how worried he was when he went to talk to you again and you weren't there? He panicked and woke me up. He thought something terrible happened to you. When he found out you ran away he was really hurt. He thought you had fun. He's really upset with you right now. He doesn't like alot of people so you should feel lucky," he said helping me up.

"I didn't mean to hurt him. I like him a lot. I didn't use him either," I said.

Jake picked me up bridal style and walked back the way he came. " i know that. But you should talk to him when we get back" he said. I just nodded.

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