Chapter 1.

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Chapter 1.

I slammed my bag on my bed angrily, unzipped it and started shoving stuff I needed in.

A few minutes later I was finished and threw my bag out the window.

I walked over to my window and got up on the windowsill. I jumped onto the closest branch on the tree in my front yard and climbed down.

Yes, I was running away from home.

My parents are getting a divorse and their taking their anger out on me, and my long term boyfriend cheated on me. I caught him in the back of the car fucking this chick named Sabrina.

The only good thing in my life would have to be my best friend Alex. I really don't want to hurt her by leaving but.. I'm done with my home life. I just want to start over.. Maybe life will get better.

I ran down the street full speed, not sure exactly where I was going.

Awhile later I was out of breath and stopped at a nearby park. I was breathing heavily when I walked over to sit on the bench. I couldn't see very well in the dark, so obviously being me, I tripped and scraped my knee on the cement.

"ow" I grumbled as I brushed off my now bleeding knee.

I laid on the bench, putting my bag under my head using it as a pillow.
My eyes fluttered closed and a few minutes later I was asleep.

I was woken up when two strong arms picked me up and hauled me over their shoulder.

My heart started racing.
I tried to squirm and get out of his hold, but he didn't budge.

"Let me go!" I yelled banging on his back. He didn't seem fazed.

"Be quiet! Someone could hear you!" he said harshly.

I immediately did what he said. But mostly because his voice had me in a trance. His voice was amazingly attractive. It made me wonder what his face looked like..

"Where are you taking me?" I whispered. I mostly just wanted to hear his voice again.

"You'll see," was all he said.

"Some stanger picks me up from the bench I was sleeping on and expects me to just sit here quietly and not get answers?" I asked.

"Yup," was all he said.

I sighed. This guy is starting to bug me and I've only known him for like not even a 10 minutes.

I just laid over his shoulder in silence and awaited to see were he was taking me. Also, to see his face. I wanted to see if it was as attractive as his voice.

Why am I even thinking about that right now? Shouldn't I be thinking about what's going to happen to me or how I'm supposed to escape this guy?

I guess I wasn't thinking about those things because I felt oddly safe, I had a strange feeling that this boy wouldn't hurt me. But who knows, I could be wrong.

I had light sweat on my face, my heart was racing and I was so nervous I could throw up. My long black hair was in my face making it even harder to see.

I stayed quiet the whole way to his house. And when we finally got there, my mouth hung open.

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