Chapter 15.

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Chapter 15.

I cant believe that basterd! I thought he liked me.I guess he just wanted to get in my pants.

He is a player after all. I hate him. I know that i really like him... But I hate him. I sat on my bed and turned over so my face was burried in my pillow.

There was a light knock on the door. " go away!" i yelled , you could hear in my voice that i was crying. I wiped my tears as the door opend.

Jay came in and sat beside me. He just layed beside me and hugged me. I love how jay can just give me a hug and it can make me feel better.

Sometimes i wish i could just love jayson instead of damien. WAIT! did i just say i love damien? Oh my lord.

I dont love him... I LIKE him. Alot. I don't love him... Jay pulled me out of my thoughts,

" im so sorry cupcake. What damien did was inexcusable. Hes a jackass. I cant believe he did that to you. I could beat him up for you? If you want, I could do that? " he said.

I shook me head. " dont beat him up. Please? He said he liked me. And that he was mine. He wasn't. He was just lieing. I bet he just wanted to get in my pants. He Is a player after all. I just.." i sighed. " he hurt me alot jay," i said crying into his chest.

He hugged me closer. " jay i wish i could just be falling for you... Your sweet, funny, caring and i know you woudnt hurt me." i said sniffing. He rubbed my back.

" yeah but that would probibly make our relationship awkward, " he chuckled. " probibly. But still Damien is such a jerk." i said taking deep breaths trying to calm myself.

" i know," he whispered kissing my forehead. God i love jay. In a brotherly way.

" jay?" i asked

" yes?"

" i still think your gay," i said. He laughed.

" what will it take for me to get you to think that im not gay? Seriously cupcake im not gay i swear. I like girls... People with boobs. " he said. I laughed. " um,hello? Man boobs." i said. He glared at me and i laughed.

" im joking pretty boy. Calm down." i said hugging him. He hugged back

" i know,"

I laughed and pushed him away. He laughed to and we sat up.

" thanks jay. I really appreciate you being here for me all the time. I know its probibly kind of annoying that im crying all the time. Im a teenage girl i just cant help it ." i said.

He smiled. " its not that annoying. Youve had a rough few weeks. And im sorry that your stuck here but damien was being stupid and we cant risk you going back and have the police all over you and finding us..." he said.

I smiled. " its okay jay. I really dont mind. I like everybody. " i said.

He pouted. " does that mean you only ' like' your best friend.?" he asked sticking out his bottem lip. I chuckled.

" i love you jayson," i said. He beamed. " i love you too aundreya," he said hugging me. I hugged him back and sighed. He pulled away to look at me. " i really am sorry about damien and brianna." he said. I sighed again tears threatning to spill over.

" can we please not talk about him ?" i asked in a low shaky voice.

" sorry" he muttered. " jay can you be the best friend ever and get me some ice cream? I really need some right now." i said sullenly. He chuckled.

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