Chapter 11.

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Chapter 11.

Im still pissed a little at damien and alex for getting together ,and saying all that mean stuff about me. I didn't know he felt that way. I thought that if he didn't like me as more than a friend, then at least he would as a friend.. Guess not. but nobody knows what Damien said exept for jayson. I act all fine around everyone but im usually all mopy.

" shut up!" i heard alex yell. I ran out of my room and down the stairs. Alex and damien were standing up yelling at each other. " how about you take your own advice you little slut!" damien yelled back. I gasped. Slut? Alex was NOT a slut.

" um EXUSE me? What the hell are you two fighting about?" i yelled at them. They both looked at me. Alex looked pissed.

But what suprised me was damien barley looked pissed. He put on an angry face for alex but i could see through him. He was enjoying fight with alex. I looked at alex and raised an eyebrow.

She sighed and looked down, " im going outside for some fresh air ," she said leaving the room to go outside.

When she left i put my hands on my hips my eyebrow still raised and looked at damien. Looking at him right now, it felt like I had been stabbed in the heart.

He smirked slightly. " i caught her kissing stephan ," he said full on smirking now.

My eyes widend. " alex? MY alex?" i asked shocked.

He nodded and chuckled at my reaction. I guess i know why he called her a slut, not that im calling her one. I sighed. " that doesnt sound like her , was she kissing back or was it like when stephan kissed me and make me kiss him?" i asked.

Damien looked pissed now. " stephan kissed you?" he asked angry.

" oh crap , uhh , yea ..." i said hesitantly.

I heard him mummble something like ' hes dead ' He balled up his fists and walked upstairs. I ran after him. " damien please. Leave it alone. He was wasted. Like really wasted...And why the fuck do you even care?!" i yelled grabbing his arm. He looked at my hand holding his very muscular bicep and then he looked back at me. He looked confused.

" what are you talking about? Of coarse I care, baby." he said.

I let go of his arm.

" nothing.I'm not talking about anything. Never mind. ," then i went to walk back down the stairs.

I felt a hand on my arm. I knew it was Damien because, my heart rate sped up and I instantly got butterflies.

I turned around, not making eye contact." what Damien?" I asked harshly.

" Aundreya, talk to me baby girl. What the he'll are you talking about? You think after I held you for days when you were sated shitless of jayson, that I don't care about you? And when I held you when you found out about your parents?" he said, lifting my ace back up to look at him with his finger.

I pulled my face out of his grasp, and pressed my back against the wall, sliding down to the ground.

I sighed, and put my face in my hands. " I heard what you said to Alex last week." I said.

He sat down beside me. " what?" he asked still confused.

I looked up at him." you know. The conversation when you said I meant nothing to you? That you didn't even consider me a friend? That I'm so fucking sexy, and I'm only good for a nice fuck? That you don't have feelings for me what's so ever?" I said, angry.

His eyes widened and he looked guilty. " oh. Baby girl listen. Nothing I said was true! Except for the part where I said you were really fucking sexy, because damn girl, you give me a boner as soon as I look at you.." I smiled at this," I only said that stuff to Alex to hook up with me. None of the bad stuff I said was true. I know, you'd be an AMAZING fuck, but I didn't mean the things I said. I really like you as a friend, and if I didn't have feelings for you, I wouldn't like you as a friend." he said.

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