Chapter 7.

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Chapter 7.

Damien went first. He said whoever the bottle lands on has to remove their shirt.

He spun the bottle and it landed on luke. I smiled. He laughed and took off his shirt. I gawked at him.

Damn! he had a nice body. But not as good as damiens.

WAIT! what am i saying. I looked up at lukes face and saw him smirking at me. I winked and licked my lips making him chuckle.

It was lukes turn now. " ok... um. Whoever the bottle lands on has to make out with stephan." he said smirking.

I glanced at stephan and he looked excited.

Luke spun the bottle and youll never guess who it landed on. DERREK!

" aww come on!" derrek whined. We all laughed and he sighed.

He walked over to stephan and pressed his lips to stephans.

We all started laughing.

Wow that had to be the hottest scene i have ever whitnessed.

" ok! whoever the bottle lands on has to... um. take off aundreyas top with only their teeth" he said smiling at me. I laughed this is going to be fun. He spun the bottle and it landed on...

DAMIEN! oh yes!

I looked at damien and he was smirking.

He got up and sat infront of me. His smirk turned into an evil smile.

I sighed and put my arms up. He leaned down and clamped his teeth on the bottom of my shirt. I blushed.

He started pulling up exposing my stomach. I looked at luke and he was laughing.

He met my eyes and smiled at me. I felt cold air on my face , i turned my head around to come face to face with Damien.

His black eyes looked amused. My heart beat quickend and i closed my eyes so he could pull my top off.

When i felt a breeze on my upper body i opend my eyes. " nice bra" stephan said gawking at me. I wore my favorite bra the has the words lick me on each breast.

I smiled. " you want me to take it off?" i asked pointing to my bra. He looked at me shocked then quickly nodded.

i whispered " not gonna happen"and laughed.

I heard stephan sigh and i smiled. " nice!" luke complimented me holding up his fist. I hit my fist against his and smiled.

FINALLY ! it was my turn. I smirked. " whoever the bottle lands on has to makeout with me for 1 full minute." i said smiling.

I spun the bottle and again, it landed on jayson.. YAY he winked and me and came closer.

I closed my eyes just as his delicious lips touched mine.

His lips were much softer and less rogh on mine this time. I wraped my arms around his neck and deepend the kiss.

I licked his bottem lip and he parted his lips to let me in. I stuck my tounge in his mouth and he did the same to me.

This kiss was hot..

My heart was going wild.

the kiss was passionate yet full of lust. He wrapped his strong sexy arms around my waist and pushed me gently to the floor. He was ontop of me holding all his weight on his arms. Then we got inturupted. " ok ok you guys 1 minute is up." a female voice said.

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