Chapter 9.

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Chapter 9.


The past few days were awkward between me and damien. we barely talked. i didnt like it. The most we've said to each other is a "hi " or a " good morning" other then that we haven't talked.

I missed his voice and his gaze that somethimes made me blush. It was mostly my fault though. I didn't deny that I was falling for him, and i guess ... Him being a player and all, made it awkward. Whatever. i didnt REALLY just ment that i wouldnt fall for him so easliy.

I sighed and got out of my bed. Then , i remembered i have been here for almost 2 weeks!

" holy crap." i muttered. My parents are probibly worried sick.

not that i really care.

Ok maybe i do but im still mad. I ran downstairs and turned on the news. I got weird looks from the guys but i ignored them. A picture of me and my best friend Alex, hugging each other and laughing showed up.

Oh god I missed her soo much! I sighed and tears started rolling down my cheeks. I quickly wiped them away , but im sure the guys noticed.

" Aundreya Read , has been missing for almost 2 weeks now and there has been no sign of her.

We just got informed 2 days ago that her mom and dad have been in a big accident. it seems that they were arguing and the one driving wasnt watching the road and a 12 wheel truck hit them. They are both in the hospital in critical condition..." I tuned out.

A crash? NO!

I started crying and i felt a hand rubbing my back. i looked over and saw damien looking concerned. I cuddled under his arm as he wrapped his arm around my waist. He pulled me closer and i cryed into his chest. " i miss alex. and my parents got in a crash. and their probibly going to die, and .. Its all my fault" i cryed.Damien hugged me closer.

I blushed. " its not your fault they got in a crash. They could have have just been not paying attention. Its not your fault." he said. i sighed.

" thanks damien. " i said getting up. I walked into my room still crying. I miss alex so much. Just thinking about her,made me upset.

I remeber all our sleepover and boy talk and gossip... I miss her brown cheasnut hair and her blue eyes. I miss the way she would always make me laugh.

I really needed my best friend right now. I don't care about what he did to me, I need him right now.

I wiped my tears away and ran into jays room. He was sitting on his bad watching tv. He looked at me when he heard the door open. He smiled and i went to lye down beside him. " whats wrong?" he asked. I sighed. " my parents are in the hospital , cause they were in a crash ... And i-i miss alex" i said tears falling again. He hugged me. " jay?" i ask.

" yes?"

" I'm sorry..for being scared of you and for ignoring you.. Forgive me?" i said begging him.

He sighed."no cupcake, I'm sorry.I shouldn't have did what I did to make you scared. It's just, the orgasm you gave me, it sent me crazy. I hadn't eaten in a few days, and my mouth was so close to you.. I lost control. And I'm so sorry it happened. And as for...ripping your clothes off.. Like I said. I lost control and my vampire instincts took wasn't me, I'm so sorry for everything I have done to you. Hitting you I clueded. That's the worst thing that I could ever do. I feel so bad cupcake, will you let us forget this and forgive me? Pweeeeese? " he said giving me the puppy dog face.

I sighed. " Jayson... I'm not scared of you anymore. I was scared, not anymore. I Like you too much to get rid of our relationship," I said.

He smirked. " so we have a relationship?"

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