chapter 22.

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What is going on? Im in love with Damien. Not Lance.

This guy comes along and makes me feel like im in love with him. What is going on? Is lance making me feel like this? Is lance a vampire? WHY THE FUCK DID I FEEL LIKE THAT!!

" ANDREYA!" that broke me out of my trance.

I looked up to see all the guys hovering over me with worried looks on their faces. I looked around for the boy i loved but he wasnt there. I looked down. Hes mad at me.

" cupcake whats wong. Your white as a ghost. No. Your whiter than us. Please Talk to us." i heard jayson say.

I looked around and realized the party was still going but i was in my room with all the guys.

How the he'll did I get here? Wasn't I just with Lance..?

I started crying and fell to the ground. Someone picked me up and hugged me. I felt warm and safe and there was tinglys. I looked up into damiens betrayed , hurt, angry eyes. I clinged to him.

" damien im so sorry," i whispered. He didnt say anything. He tryed to put me down but i wouldnt let him. I had my arms locked around his neck, in a death grip. But He was much stronger then me so he pulled me off like i was a bug and sat me on my bed. Then he walked out.

I cryed harder and screamed, my heart aching. I layed back in my bed and the guys just stayed quiet.

Damiens POV

Why was she grinding with that guy? Shes mine. Why did she look like she LIKED, dancing with that guy? I sighed. Shes supposed to be mine and she goes and dances with other guys.

I guess you could say im a little jealous but more angry. I walked past Aundreya's room and saw he fall to the ground crying.

I couldnt help myself. I ran into her room and picked her up. I hugged her. She hugged me back and she held on like there was no tomorrow. " damien im so sorry," she whispered.

I tryed to pull away but she wouldnt let me. She had my neck in a death grip.

I sighed and pushed her off and i sat her on her bed and walked out. The look on her face was so hurt it made me want to cry. Ive never cried. Ever.

Im in love with that girl. I want her to be mine forever. I have no idea what to do. I walked into my room and closed the door. I turned on my light and sighed.

"go away brianna," i said harshly.

She laughed. " sorry, but I don't think I will. i need you right now, baby. No other guy makes me yell like you do. " she said walking up to me and grabbing my crotch. It didn't even turn me on in the slightest, it actually disgusted me.

Jeez what has Aundreya done to me? 2 months ago I would I would have taken brianna's offer. Now? Not a fucking chance in hell.

I pushed her out the door.

" goodbye brianna," i said. I slammed the door in her face. I sat on my bed thinking about what to do.

Aundreya's POV

" aundreya tell us what happend." jake asked. I sighed and told them everything. From me getting caught looking at lance to the grinding and the tinglys and pleasuring shock and how damien saw everything.

" woah" said stephan and jayson. " guys i have no idea what to do. I dont know why i felt like that. I dont want to feel like that. Im in love with Damien. I only want Damien not lance," i said through tears. They all hugged me.

Jay hugged me the longest.

" well look into this Lance guy. Well see if he is making you feel that way. Ok? Well will find out why you are feeling like that." he whispered in my ear. I nodded and kissed him on the cheek.

" your the best jay," i said. He smiled hugged me one more time and all the guys left.

I have to tell Damien this. I walked over to his room and opend the door. He was lying on his bed with his hands behind his head. He looked over at me then looked away.

He didn't order me away, so that's good right?

" Damien please listen to me. I was just going to dance with him. But when he touched me..... It made me feel like when i touch you. It made my heart race and it made me nervous and it sent tingles all over my body. I dont know why i felt like that. And when I saw you. I dont even know. I didnt want you to see us dancing. I dont know why we were dancing like that but it just happend. I dont know how but it did." i said sitting beside him. He didnt say anything.

I started to cry silently. " Damien please. Please don't hate me," i whispered. Now he looked at me. He sat up and took me in his arms.

" i could never hate you baby girl. I just... Watching you grind with that guy, it hurt. " he said hugging me. I cryed into his chest.

" i dont want to feel like that towards him damien. I love you."

I said.

He pulled me closer then pulled away to look in my eyes.

"I know. I love you too, my gorgeous girl," he said whiping the tears away.

" Am I forgiven?" i asked giving him the puppy dog eyes.

He smiled a little. " oh alright," he smirked. I smiled and attacked him with a kiss. He layed down so I was ontop Of him.

" thank you ," i whispered against his lips. I felt him smile and kiss me harder.

I pulled away and he pouted. I chuckled and brought my hand in between his legs and gently, squeezed. He moaned.

" dont pout," i whispered in his ear. I grazed his ear lobe with my teeth making him shiver. He brought his hands to my breasts and massaged them gently.

I moaned , and he flipped us over so he was on top. " i can tease too," he said.

" ok ok damien im s-sorry," i said, slightly breathless.

He laughed and kissed me.

" You like it? it's my turn to turn you on," he said in my ear.

He kissed down my neck and over my coller bone then back up. He ran his hands down the side of my body and stopped at my ass. He pinched it and i yelped. He laughed. " trying to turn you on is turning me on," he laughed. I laughed too.

He got off me and sat beside me wrapping his arms around me.

My lips and everywhere he touched, had tingles.

" Damien, did i ever tell you that your an amazing kisser?" i asked.

He chuckled. " i get that alot," he said amusement in his tone. I laughed. " what are we going to do about lance?" i asked.

Damien sighed. " im going to make sure you dont touch him again. Im never going to leave your side," he said. I smiled.

" i like that idea ," i said snuggling closer to him. " i bet you do," he laughed. " whats that supposed to mean?" i asked.

" nothing. Its just your a teenager and your hormones are going everywhere so i know that you would like me to be around all the time so you can touch me and make out with me," he said.

I slapped him in the chest.

" DAMIEN ALEXANDER! my hormones are not going crazy. But i do like to kiss you and touch you," i said winking at him.

He laughed. He kissed me, and pulle away after a few seconds. I sighed happily.

" try and get some sleep now baby girl. " he said. I nodded.

" i love you damien," i said. " i love you too aundreya," he said. I smiled and fell asleep in his arms.


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