Chapter 13.

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Chapter 13.

I shot up , cold sweat covering my body and i was hyperventalating. I dreamt that all the guys said that they killed alex and then they tryed to kill me. It was a nightmare. It was even worse because jay even tryed to kill me... I tryed to calm my breathing.

" aundreya? Are you alright?" i heard someone say.

I jumped slightly and looked beside me. How did i get in damiens bed? Then i remembered i came in here and he was in his boxers and i felt warm and safe. I sighed.

" im fine damien. Just a bad dream is all." i said my voice shaking.

I laid back down and cuddled up to Damien.

He chuckled. " what is so funny?" i asked. Finally breathing almost properly.

" your cute when your scared. I think should sleep with me every night. And you cuddling up to me all night was a real turn on," he said smirking.

" eww. Damien , why do you have to be like that? Everything you say is mostly about dirty things. " i said moving away from him. He pulled me back and wrapped his arms around my waist.

My heart beat so fast it was like a hummingbirds wings.

" im a player . I have a dirty mind its not my fault. And i wasnt joking about me being turned on last night. " he said. I sighed.

" you can be a jerk you know?" i said. He laughed ," i know. But you love me anyways ," he said.

I froze and my heart beat faster. Love? I felt my eyes go wide and my body fill with panick. Did he know i like him?

" umm , i d-dont love you," i said.

Damien rolled over so he was on top of me with one arm on each side of my body. I felt nervous and i had major butterflys.

Damien was really close to my face. His white hair tickled my forehead. I gulped. I looked over his body and regretted it. When my eyes met his chest and his abs , i couldnt look away. He was So gorgeous it was almost painful. He cleared his throat.

I quickly looked up and blushed when i saw him smirking at me.

" i know you like me baby girl. I put all the peices together. You blushing when i look at you. Your heart beating super fast when you see me. And i heard you say yesterday , that when i touch you , it gives you tinglys. I know so dont try and deny it." he said looking into my eyes.

I looked back and said nothing.

I blushed harder and looked away. He pulled my face back to look at him he was smiling. " i knew it!" he chimed.

I sighed. " ok damien you got me. I like you. So what? Its never going to happen between us. It will never work. Im an ugly normal high school girl and you , your a really gorgeous player that every girl wants. Its just not ment to be. " i said feeling like i was going to cry. I held it back though and got out from under his grasp.

He still hasnt said anything. This is one more reason why i didnt want him to know. Its gonna be so awkward now.

He probibly wont even talk to me. I got off the bed and started to walk away. Suddenly i got pulled back onto the bed by strong arms. I gasped.

I avoided his gaze , " what damien?" i asked. I felt his cool breath on my face. I tryed so hard not to kiss him.

" aundreya please look at me." he said. I slowly looked at him. He smiled a little.

" your not ugly. You are the most beautiful girl i have ever seen in my life. And you have a great personality. I on the other hand am rude , a jerk , a flirt , and i lost my virginity at 12. But , even though im a player. I cant help but have feelings for you. I know the other day i said i only like you as a friend.. But i lied.If i had a heart it would be fluttering right now. And i do have butterflys. I like you too aundreya. I do. Alot." he said.

I smiled and blushed.

He smiled back and slowly leaned down and kissed me.

I layed there still for a few seconds then i wrapped my arms around his neck. His lips were so soft. For a cold hard vampire anyways. He cant like me though can he? I mean, he's a player. He can't tie himself down to one girl.

Damien's POV

Our lips moved in syncronisation.

I cant beleive she likes me. It makes me feel so happy to know that. And yes , i finally admitted to myself that i like her. I really ment those things that i said. I also loved to kiss her. He is honestly the best kisser ever.

She licked my bottem lip and i denied her entrance.

I could sense her frustration. I smiled and let her in.

She tasted good.really good.

I moaned softly into her mouth when our toungs met. She moved her hands down my chest and traced the lines of my body.

I shuddered slightly and i felt her smile kissing me harder. I guess she was happy she got that kind of reaction out of me.

I wrapped my arms around her waist and squeezed her ass. She gasped then moaned. The sound of her moan turned me on more then the kiss. I could feel meyself getting hard , but i didnt want to stop kissing her. I didnt stop. I continued to make out with her until we were rudely interupted...

Aundreyas POV

Someone cleared their througt and i stopped kissing damien to look up.

He looked a little annoyed that we got interupted. I chuckled and blushed when i saw jake standing there smirking at us.

" i , uh , im gonna go for a shower ," i said getting up. I walked out of the room and glanced at damien.

He caught my eyes and winked. I blushed and walked into my room.

I looked at the clock. 5 in the morning. I sighed. Im going to go for a shower anyways.

Maybe it will make my tinglys go away. Not that the tingys were a bad thing , it felt good but i get them so often now its kind of annoying. I grabbed a towel, some red short shorts, a pair of Lacey bra and panties and a black tank top.

I walked into the bathroom and locked the door. I turned the hot water on and walked in.

The hot water felt really good on my body. It was calming me down alot. When i was done i changed into my red short shorts and black tanktop and walked out of the bathroom. I grabbed my favorite booty slippers and put them on. I walked downstairs and saw a familliar face. Where had i seen him ? OH!

" luke?" i asked. Luke turned to look at me and smiled. " hey aundreya," he said clearly cheaking me out.

I smiled. " how have you been?" i asked. He shurgged " good, how about you?" he asked. I sat down on the couch beside him. " great " i said catching the eyes of a smirking damien.

I blushed and looked at the tv. I heard damien chuckle. Something on tv caught my attention.

" there has still been no sign of Aundreya Read read in the past 4 weeks. So the police are calling a stop to searching. Her parents have passed away 1 week ago and now her best friend has been found dead in a lake. The girls name appears to be Alexandra Bollock...." i gasped.

My parents are dead? They put my best friend in a lake ? How could they? Couldnt they put her... I dont know beside the road, so someone could see her? But in a LAKE!? i started to cry when they showed the police pulling alex out of the lake.

I ran upstairs and slammed my door shut. Why would they just dump Alex in a lake, when they knew how much he meant to me? Didn't they care at all?

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