Chapter 19.

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Chapter 19.

I stayed in my room for 2 days without talking to the guys. I didn't even eat.

I cryed all day for those two days.

The boys tryed to come in but i told them to piss off.

I cant believe that they didnt tell me. I thought they were my friends.

What did they mean when they said that luke forbid them from telling me? Does he have power over them or something? I sighed.

Ive been wearing jays ed hardy shirt and my spandex short short since that day when i found that Luke killed alex.

My thoughts got interupted by yelling and a big thump. Or i should say boom.

I ran out of my room and down the stairs. When i turned the corner i nearly had a heart attack.

Jay was lying on the ground uncontious. Luke was in front of him panting hard he looked really pissed off.

I ran to jay and kneeled beside him.

" jay!" i yelled.

He didnt move. I put my hands on his chest and screamed angrily.

I got up and walked over to luke angrily.

" You fucking bastard! That's now Two people, you have hurt that I love!" i yelled punching his chest. He stopped me by grabing my wrists and holding them around his neck.

I was very close to his face. Too close for my liking.

He held me to him and looked into my eyes. " let me go you mother fu..." he cut me off by kissing me.

I tried squirming but he was way to strong. He forced my mouth open and stuck his toung in my mouth. He tasted, oddly good.

Oh god i didnt just say that! I love damien.

And Why isnt anyone helping me?!

I suddenly got an idea.

I brought my knee up quickly and kneed him somewhere guys don't really want to be kneed.

He groaned and fell to the ground holding his balls.

" i hope it hurt you fucking basterd." i said venom in my voice. He was rolling around on the floor and i walked away. I went back over to jayson who was now waking up.

" Jayson Maraz! Don't ever do that to me again!" i yelled running and giving him a big hug. He suprised at first then he wrapped his arms around me.

He pulled away and stared at me. I looked away still mad at him, and looked at luke.

" get the fuck out of my house ," i said. He was gone not a second later. I sighed.

" Aundreya. Please talk to us. You havnt talked to us in two days! We told you we were sorry! We couldn't tell you. Luke forbid us to say anything. He has the gift to control us so we couldnt. " damien said.

I turned around shocked. " he can control people?" i asked.

They nodded. " oh god guys! Im so sorry i over reacted! I was angry and upset! I cant believe Luke killed alex. He seemed so sweet. Forgive me ?" i asked, giving my puppy dog eyes.

They chuckled and nodded. I gave them all a hug and a kiss on a cheek.

" hey. Back off. These delicious lips are mine," Damien said pulling me in for a kiss. I laughed under his lips.

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