Chapter 20.

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Hey guys. Ive finally figured out what is happening. :I and to totalblonde3933,i hope you won your fight :)

Chapter 20

I knew exactly what my plan was.

Im going to pretend to be all lovey dovey with jayson , and hopefully it will get sabrina angry because getting damien didnt hurt me then she will leave.

Good plan? I think so.

Its already been like a day since sabrina first got here. And i STILL want to rip out her throat.

That feeling wont go away. She has now stolen 2 of my boyfriends. And you dont mess with a girls man twice. I will beat the shit out of her if my plan doesn't work...

"cupcake? Aundreya wake up," i heard someone say. By the nickname and the sweet voice i knew it was jayson.

I rolled over and pulled the blankets over my head.

He chuckled. " cupcake come on get up," he said.

" No," i said keeping my eyes closed. Th covers suddenly got riped off me." jayson!" i groaned.

He laughed. " get up,"He said again.

I groaned again and sat up. I rubbed my face. " why do i have to get up?" i asked groggy.

" because i said so." he said. I crossed my arms. " ya well im not getting out of bed."

I said stubbornly. He looked at me the a smirk entered his face. I eyed him suspiciously.

He grabbed me and threw me over his back. " jayson!" i yelled.

" I like it when you yell my name," he said. I hit his head.

" jayson thats disgusting," i said.

He laughed , " im a guy i have a dirty mind its my nature," he chuckled.

Bull shit , i said on my head. " i can hear you you know?" he said chuckling. Oh ya our bonding thing that we did a few days ago when he taught me how to talk to him in my mind. I sighed.

Jayson walked into my bathroom and sat me on the counter. He smirked at me and i glared at him.

" your quite cute when your angry," he said poking my nose.

I blushed and rolled me eyes. Then I looked down. Time to talk to him about my plan.

" jay can I talk to you about something?" i asked.

" anything you want babe," he said chuckling.

I rolled my eyes. " jay. My plan. My plan is sort of weird," i said.

He looked me in the eyes. " what is it?" he asked.

I sighed. " ok. Me and you have to act all lovey dovey and when sabrina sees that taking damien away from me didn't affect me,when it did, and she'll go away," i said quietly.

He looked suprised. " how lovey dovey?" he asked smiling.

I chuckled. " cuddling, hugging, looking at each other all the time holding hands. And Maybe.. Kissing," i said blushing at the thought of our last kiss. I thought about how it felt. I liked kissing jayson.

My thoughts got interrupted..

" you enjoyed kissing me huh?" jay chuckled.

I blushed hard. " shit," i mummbled. I forgot that he can read my mind now. I cleared my throut. " No," i said.

He laughed. " don't worry cupcake. It was an awesome make out session," he said looking at me.

I laughed. " that it was,"

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