Chapter 8.

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Chapter 8.

I woke up, with the biggest headache ever. My head was pounding so hard I swear my head was going to explode.

I opened my eyes and groaned in pain. I came face to face with Damien's abs, which was a nice view To wake up to.

" Aundreya?" a quiet voice asked.

I slowly sat up and squinted my eyes. Damien was staring at me, with worried eyes.

" hey," I whispered.

" are you okay baby girl?" he asked sitting up and taking me into his arms.

I instantly felt better and my headache went away. What the hell? Am I in heaven or something? Whatever, at least my headache disappeared.

" no. But I'm better," I said resting my head in the nape of his neck.

He ran his fingers up and down my arm like he did last night, calming me down.

" what am I supposed to do about jayson? He attacked me last night. Ripped my clothes off with unbelievable strength, did something to my neck, that ended with him having m blood on his lips, seriously. What happened to the jayson I know?" I asked, starting to shake as the events from last night flooded into my head.

Damien noticed and pulled me even closer. " shh, baby its okay. What he did was a mistake and I know for a fact he is very sorry. He didn't mean to bite you or rip-" I cut him off.

" that's what he did?! He bit me?! And he drank my blood!? That's why I felt drained, and he had blood on his face. What the hell! He he like a vampire or something? Or just a super creep? If he was a vampire it would explain his strength.." I said.

Damien stayed silent. I looked up at him, he looked pained, and undecided about something.

" dami-"

" Aundreya.. I need to tell you something." he mumbled not taking his eyes from mine.

We got inturupted by a knock on my door. " come in!" i yelled. And jayson walked in.

My heart beat faster and i got so nervous. I dont want him here. I can't be near him. He drank my BLOOD! He's a freak! And he almost raped me.. I looked at his face and he looked VERY serious.

" hi" he said.

I started shaking viciously. I moved as close as I possibly could to Damien.

" aundreya ," he paused " we need to talk." he said

" n-no" i stuttered, terrified.

He sighed, " Aundreya i need to tell you something... and i need you to take this seriously ok ?" he asked.

I didn't respond.

He took a deep breath. " aundreya , me and the guys are ... w-we are vampires." he said looking into my eyes waiting for my reaction. My eyes widend and i gasped. I was right!

I quickly moved closer to Damien. I was so close to him it hurt. I stared at jayson in disbelief. I held my neck where i got bit.

" please dont. I-I bit you.Im so sorry aundreya. You have no idea. I was drunk, you were drunk, we were making out , and when you were pumping me, my instincts took over. You smelt so good and.. I don't know what happened." jayson started to come closer and i got up off the bed i went for the door but he grabbed my waist and held me back. " let me go !" i yelled.

He tighend his grip on me and ignored my struggles. i screamed and started to cry.all the guys came flooding in Damien's room.

It wasnt even a second and everyone was in the room.

The guys saw my scared state and their eyes looked confused.

Jayson let me go and i ran to a corner and i hugged my knees to my chest.

" i regret telling her. If I didn't she wouldnt hate me and we would be fooling around downstairs, but noo i had to bite her. Fuck! im so pissed.Shes so scared. I dont want her to be!" i heard jayson say.

" jayson chill. Shell be fine and its not your fault. You were drunk. Dont blame yourself." i recognized jakes voice. I cryed harder.

Jay was a vampire. MY jayson. I sighed. I heard footstpes coming towards me and i looked up to see Damien standing a few feet infront of me.I got up and ran to him.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and he wrapped his arms around my waist. " i dont hate you. I - i just. I dont even know what happend. I panicked. " i whispered in his ear.

" i know. Its alot to take in." i could hear the small smile in his voice. I pulled away and looked at him. " aundreya, you dont have to be scard. We wont hurt you. EVER. i promise. Jayson was drunk when he did what he did. Hes very angry at himself.I admit what he did was unacceptable but don't be scared of him," Damien said.

" please dont call me aundreya. Call me baby girl, or love or baby or whatever. you saying aundreya makes you sound so serious." i whined.

All the guys chuckled including Damien. " but i am serious. " he said.

" whatever" i said.

" Damien come over here or a sec," jayson said. Damien let go of me and walked over to him.

Jay whispered something in his ear and damien smirked and nodded.

I looked at them confused . Jay smiled a little but walked away.

Damien started to walk forward. I walked backwards but he kept following me smirking all the time.

I hit the wall. CRAP! He came right up to me til our bodies were pressed againt each other. He was a head taller then me but he bent down to my level.

He had his arms around my waist and his face was literly an inch away from mine. I was panting a little. He looked into my eyes and i into his. I was melting under his gaze. It made me feel all fuzzy inside.My heart beat rapidly and i have butterflys.

He smiled and gently pressed his lips to mine. I gasped. What was he doing? Did jayson tell him to do this. ? Im gonna kill him..

Wow. This guy was a really good kisser. This kiss was so passionate and sweet. I slid my hands up his chest and into his silky white hair.

Our lips moved in syncronisation. I felt a little light headed.

Damien pulled away and the tinglys instently came.

I looked at him. He smiled a real smile and looked at my neck. He put his hand on where he bit me and i waited for the pain but it never came. What the hell?

He smiled wider and walked away. I went to follow him but i felt light headed and almost fell til someone caught me. I met Damien's amused eyes.

" so , did you like that kiss?" i rolled my eyes. " why did you do that? did jayson tell you to do that? im gonna kill jayson!" i yelled, standing up again but falling over again.

The guys laughed and left. Exept for Damien. " yes he told me to do that. BUT! it was to heal you." he said touching my neck.

Thats why! I looked at him confused. " when the vampire that you have the most attraction to you kisses you, you bite goes away." he said. " oh " i said,blushing.

He chuckled. " was it supposed to make me light headed?" i asked.

He smiled and shook his head . " i think its just the way I kissed you and the fact that your falling for me." he winked. I slapped his arm. " no!" i whisper yelled.

He looked at me knowingly and left my room. I sighed and went to go look in the mirror. The bite was gone. Woah. Vampires are so cool.

What am I going to do about jayson? I obviously can't be around him. I'll start freaking. And Damien. I think he's right. I think I'm falling for him. And it's only been 3 days. And he's a player. So I know, for a fact, there will be no ' us '.

So I need to have a plan. A plan to help me not fall for Damien and not get my heart shattered into a million pieces.

So theres chapter 8 !

hope u like it!!

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