Chapter 17.

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I missed kissing Damien. Its only been a day, but you wouldn't believe how much I missed his soft lips moving with mine.

My heart was beating so fast i was suprised i didnt have a heart attack.

I deeped the kiss by pulling myself closer to him and licking his bottem lip asking for entrance.

He eagerly let me in. I guess he missed me to.

His hands went around my waist, and pulled me so close it was almost hard to breathe.

When i slipped my tounge in his mouth he froze and pulled away panting.

I was breathing heavily also. I looked at him but he looked away.

" whats wrong why did you stop?" i asked in between breaths.

I heard him laugh a little at my panting but then he went back to being serious.

He slowly turned to me and i gasped. His eyes were a bright shade of red. " your eyes ," i said hesitently.

He sighed and turned away. I pulled his face back to look at me. He looked at me curiously but i could see that he was also hungry by his expression.

He saw the interest in my eyes and smiled.

When he showed his teeth i saw that his canine teeth were sharper.

" please aundreya. I dont want to hurt you so you have to leave." he said.

I shook my head still looking into his eyes.

" aundreya PLEASE ," he pleaded. I shook my head again.

He sighed. He closed his eyes and not half a second later jayson rushed in looking worried.

" aundreya , please come out. You dont understand what we are capable of when we are hungry. What DAMIEN , is capable of when he is hungry.Remember what I did to you? Damien can and will do a lot worse to you.We cant control ourselves. Please , aundreya." jay said.

During everything jay said, my eyes didnt leave Damien's hungry ones.

I was so curious as to how they turned so red.

I looked away unwillingly at jayson.he looked nervous.

" fine ," i sighed. I got up and just before i left I looked back at Damien.

I gasped when he wasnt there. I looked back at jay wide eyed. He chuckled at pointed at the window. The window was open. He must have went out the window. I sighed. I looked back at jay and he was smirking. " what?" i asked.

He chuckled. " i see you and damien are back together. Did you have a nice make out session?" he asked.

I went wide eyd and blushed.

" shut up jayson." i said walking past him.

He laughed. " ooo she called me ' jayson' not jay or pretty boy. I should be scared," he said. I slapped him.

Then i realized he was wearing no shirt and red pajama pants.

I just stared. I heard someone chuckle. I looked up and saw jake standing there also with no shirt on. I just stared at him. Why did they have to be so hot? Jakes blonde hair was all messy and jays blue hair was still in a perfect mohawk.

DAMN! wait no. I have a boyfriend... Oh god these guys are hot.

" like what you see?" i looked up and saw both jay and jake smirking.

" are you guys teasing me? You all know your hot. I swear your teasing me because you know i like damien," i raised a brow resisting the urge to look at their bodies again.

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