Chapter 23.

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I woke up, with Damien spooning me from behind.

I smiled , im happy that hes not mad at me anymore.

I turned around trying not to wake him, and looked at his peaceful sleeping face.

How did i get so lucky as to get this wonderful guy?

The door suddenly burst open to an angry derrek. " aundreya Lance is here he wants to see you." he said in a hard voice. i gasped . Why in the world is lance here?

" ok ill be down in a sec." i said he nodded and left. i sigh. I shook Damien to wake him up. He opend his eyes and looked at me curiously.

" lance is here" i whispered.

He looked so angry he actually looked like a....vampire.

" Damien please dont hurt him. i bet he only here to ask why he felt like that too. and this way you can find out if he is a vampire or not and find out if he is making me fell like this." i said. he relaxed a little bit and nodded. We got up and walked downstairs.

lance was sitting on the couch. He looked a little nervous.

Probably because the guys were sitting and glaring at him.

i would be nervous if i was in his, position.

" Um, Hi lance." i said nicely.

He really didnt do anything, bad. He looked up and smiled a little.

" hey aundrya. um... can i talk to you for a sec?" he asked looking nervous as hell.

I nodded and turned to the guys, " ill be right back guys." i said they all nodded.

Damien grabbed me and kissed me probably to make lance know that im his. " dont touch him" damien whispered in my ear. I nodded and walked outside with lance.

" ok aundreya. Why did i feel like that when i touched you?" lance asked.

I looked at him. " i have no idea lance. I felt it too. I have no idea why. No offence but i dont want to feel like that. Im already in love." i said. " with who?" he asked a little harshly. " Damien."

I said proudly. He looked angry. Why would he be angry? I dont even know him. He touched my cheek. " does this feel like your in love with damien?" he asked.

I felt tinglys and butterflys. I looked away. When he pulled his hand away i looked back and realized lance wasnt there.

Luke was standing there smirking at me. What the fuck just happend. ? Where was lance?

" L-Luke? What the hell are you doing here? Wheres lance?" i asked. He chuckled. " there was never a lance. Only me. You see, im not only half vampire , but im also half shape shifter. But in order to shift, i need blood. I wanted you so i turned into someone else and made you feel like you were in love with me. " he said. I gasped. There was never a lance?

" why the fuck cant you just leave me and damien alone? Why cant you just let us be happy?" i asked harshly.

" well, because he brought you here for me. And he fell for you. Hard ,might i add. So now im going to take back what is rightfully mine," he said.

" wha-"i got cut off by him scooping me up and running and light speed with me in his arms.

" LUKE PUT ME THE FUCK DOWN AND TAKE ME BACK !" i yelled at him. He gave me a look and i was suddenly very tired.

Damien's POV

I watched as aundreya and lance talked.

Suddenly lance looked angry. He touched Aundreya's cheek and i watched her freeze.

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