Chapter 21.

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I couldnt stop smiling.

Damien told me he loved me. That's big. Especially for him. Since he is a player and all..

I was so happy i was probibly glowing.

The way he said it , it was sincere and it made me believe he actualy liked me.

I tryed to stop smiling but i failed. I seriously cant. Having the guy you love say they love you back is the best day in a girls life.

But i cant help but think that he still is a player and will hurt me again. Once a player always a player. As alex would say.

" stop smiling. Its creepy." i heard sabrinas annoying voice say.

I looked over and glared at her. I looked over at damien and instently smiled. I guess he understood why i was smiling so much because he smirked and mouthed the words ' i love you ' . I smiled and bit my lip.

He saw my beaming and said ' stop smiling baby girl. Your going to get sabrina thinking that you like me and thats not good.' in my head. I blushed a little and averted my gaze to the tv.

I couldnt help but think about luke. Why did he kiss me? Why did he want me so much? But most of all why would he kill alex to get closer to me? God i HATE him. The thought of alexs dead body came into my mind and luke was the cause of it. My fists balled up, my breathing started going faster and i glared at the tv.

I felt someone squeeze my hand. I looked over and met jaysons gaze.

" calm down,"He whispered. I nodded and closed my eyes. I took a few deep breaths and thought about damien. That calmed me down.

I thought about our making out in his room earlier and smiled again. He was so sweet. And i smirked at the thought of me teasing him. Twice. It was fun.

His lips were so soft and delicious when we kissed earlier. I want to kiss him now.

Its like when a girl sees chocolate, she wants some. When i see damien, i want him. More than anything. I thought about his lips. Mmm. So lucious i wanted to kiss him again. It was like a need. If I didn't kiss or touch him soon I swear I'm going to go freaking crazy.

' i wouldnt mind a little lip action right now.Or a little more. But Sabrina is here' i heard Damien say in my head.

SHIT! he can hear my thoughts. I blushed hard.

I rubbed my face and i felt damiens eyes on me.

I can picture him smirking cause he caught me thinking about him. Seriously though? When do i not think about him? I sighed. Sabrina should be going soon so i should get to bed.

" well im going to bed now," i said standing up and giving jay a kiss on the lips. I looked at damien. He winked at me and motioned for me to go to bed. I blushed and went up the stairs.

I walked over to my closet and pulled out some red basketball shorts and black tank top. I put them on and layed down on my bed.

I grabbed my cell phone and checked the time. 8:30. sabrina should be going soon. I hope.

About a half an hour later i heard my door open. I looked up and saw damien. I ran up to him and embraced him in a huge hug. He chuckled. " i missed you to, baby girl," i laughed and eagerly pressed my lips against his.

I heard a pound on the door " USE PROTECTON! " i heard jay yell.

Damien laughed as I blushed hard " always do!" damien yelled back.

I laughed and kissed him. He lifted me up and walked over to my bed.

He layed me down and climed ontop of me. He moved my shorts up my leg and ran his hands over my thighs. Pushing my shorts up.

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