He shrugged with an amused grin. “I thought I’d just come see you. We haven’t hung out in a while,” he said with a pout. I immediately felt bad. I knew I had been neglecting U-Kwon, but that was because Block B always wanted to hang out with me. He gave me a pointed look and then rolled his eyes. “You don’t have to feel bad, Hyorin. I just get lonely sometimes is all.” This caused me to frown even more and he sighed in defeat. “Oh! Sorry for scaring you, by the way.”

“Sure you are,” I replied with an amused roll of my eyes. “Alright so tomorrow I am free to return to work. I don’t suppose I could convince you boys to come to work?” He burst into laughter and then nodded determinedly. “Awesome! That’s a relief! I can’t suddenly lose all of my handsome workers. What would happen to my store, right?”

He chuckled and then seriously said, “You’d start getting more male customers who hear about an extremely beautiful girl working there.” My cheeks tingled and he winked with a sweet grin. “You know I think the world of you, our relationship is just forbidden,” he continued, crossing his arms behind his neck and leaning back coolly.

“Don’t have to keep rubbing that in, Kwonnie,” I grumbled under my breath with a sigh. “So, are you enjoying your time without U-Kwon?” He nodded excitedly in agreement and I chuckled lightly with a smile. “So, I’m guessing you know about Kwangsu.”

He nodded slowly and then placed a hand on my shoulder with a sigh. “He’ll be okay, Hyorin. There is something you should know though…”

“Will I like this something that I should know?” I inquired suspiciously. He shrugged with an uncertain expression and I sighed with defeat. “Shoot.”

“Jinyong and Daejung were finally transferred to Busan,” he said slowly, afraid about how I was going to react to his words. I was quiet for some time and then nodded slowly, trying to full absorb what he was saying. “They’re on the base there now.”

I remained silent and then murmured, “That’s good, right? That means that they’re safe from my family now.” He nodded slowly in agreement, obviously not fully believing my words. I narrowed my eyes suspiciously at him and he stiffened as I held his arm down. “You’re hiding something, U-Kwon.”

“What makes you say that?” he chuckled nervously with an awkward expression. “I’m just hot, that’s all. It’s really hot in here, you know?” He yanked at his collar and I raised an eyebrow at his action before shutting my eyes with a sigh. “Really, I wouldn’t hide anything from you if it had something to do with you.”

I pointed at him with wide eyes and then gasped, “So you are hiding something!”

“Hyorin, please don’t corner me about this,” he begged futilely, his eyes yearning pools of dark chocolate. “It’s not my place to tell you things like this because that goes against the code that we have to uphold as Angels. You have to find out on your own and the stream says that you’re not going to find out until it’s too late.” My eyes widened more at his words and he groaned. “I shouldn’t have said that.”

“Until it’s too late? U-Kwon, if someone is going to die you have to tell me!” I yelled in a panicked voice, grasping his shoulders with a pleading tone. “I can’t watch anyone else die.” He shook his head once with an apologetic expression and I sighed heavily, releasing him with a frown. “I can’t be too late again, U-Kwon. Tell me who I am asking about something life-threatening. Just do that much for me.” He was silent and then pointed at the entrance to the waiting room before vanishing without a trace. I turned and looked at the door as Kyung walked back in with a paper bag and a smile.

“I brought you your favorite, Hyorin-ah,” he announced with a sweet smile, seating himself beside me and pulling out a sub and a canned coffee. I stared at him suspiciously as he took a bite out of his sandwich and turned to face me bread poking out of his mouth. He chewed quickly and swallowed before looking at me curiously. “What’s up?”

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