Chapter 15

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•• Zico ••

I stared at the apartment door that Hyorin had run out through and then glared accusingly at the rest of my members. "What did you guys do?" I groaned before throwing on my jacket and grabbing a sweater for Hyorin. "Stay here if you even care about her feelings guys..." They nodded slowly and I dashed out of the apartment before staring up the stairs and then rushing towards the roof. "Hyorin!" I exclaimed when I saw her curled up by the edge of the roof.

I ran over to her and held her face in my hands with wide eyes. "Zico..." she mumbled, staring at me with wide eyes. I noticed her accelerated breathing and then saw her dilated pupils.

"Are you claustrophobic Hyorin?" I asked her in surprise, recoiling as she nodded and then sighed shakily. "I've got you," I whispered with a small smile before holding out the sweater. She stared at it in surprise and I sighed and wrapped it around her before swallowing hard and staring at the dark sky. Flakes of snow fell on my face and I grinned and shut my eyes with a sigh.

"Jiho, do you ever dream about what could have happened?" she asked me quietly, her throat still sounding closed up from her silent hyperventilation. I gasped and pulled a plastic bag out of my pocket before handing it to her. She began breathing into it quietly while I mulled over her question.

"What do you mean by that?" I questioned curiously, cocking my head to one side before looking at her.

She shut her eyes and then pulled the plastic bag away from her mouth before frowning. "I guess I mean... I'm not really sure what I meant. I guess I meant something along the lines of dreaming of things in the past differently," she finally told me with a sigh.

"You mean changing things that happened?" I inquired, attempting to clarify her question. She nodded in agreement and I stared at the void of sky above us before nodding slowly. "Sometimes I do. I kind of wish that things had worked out differently between us when we were younger. More recently I've been wishing that you had stayed in Korea for high school. I kind of wonder if things would have been different for both of us if you had been with me instead..."

Hyorin swallowed hard and then shivered before sneezing. "Excuse me..." she apologized, rubbing her nose and sniffling. "I hope that you'll be coming for the Jesa ceremony."

"Of course I am!" I exclaimed a bit too loudly. "I am going to be there to help you in conducting the ceremony."

"How do you plan on helping me conduct the ceremony? It's a sacred thing for family..." she murmured with a frown and a raised eyebrow. I shrugged and she giggled before I stood and held out a hand.

"Do you want to go inside now? The boys feel pretty guilty about your mental breakdown," I told her with an amused smile as she took my hand. "Let's let them know you're alive." She nodded and allowed me to lead her back down the apartment stairs to the apartment. When I opened the door, Hyorin and I jumped back in surprise.

"Please forgive us," Block B mumbled pitifully, sitting on their knees in two rows of three in the hallway in front of the door. I stared at their bowed heads in awe and Hyorin quickly sat on her knees and bowed to them, apologizing for causing them to feel the need to apologize so formally.

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