•• Next Morning ••

"Alright, fresh start! Let's go sleepies!" Daejung cheered, pulling the curtains on the windows open. Jinyong and I groaned and rolled over to shield our eyes from the burning sunlight. Kwangsu dragged me out of bed and I thudded onto the ground, my eyes still stubbornly shut.

"We should go to church today..." Kwangsu murmured, watching Jinyong as he stretched and sat up. My eyes had opened and I stared up at the three of them curiously.

"Why are we going to church?" I inquired curiously, rubbing my head and blinking my drooping eyes lids. "Is it Sunday?"

He shook his head and told me, "I figure that we should go to church now considering the fact that we're leaving on a Friday..."

"But.... It's only Saturday right now... We're going to pass a Sunday before you leave... Tomorrow is Sunday..." I mumbled.

"Just get up!" Daejung snapped a little harsher than he had intended.

"Yes Kim Jong Il," I grumbled sarcastically, pulling myself out of bed and trudging to the bathroom before showering unhappily.

Jinyong threw my church clothes at me and I glared at him, perfectly satisfied in my jeans and shirt before changing with a sigh. I walked out of our apartment in a white lace blouse and a black above-the-knee skirt. Daejung tossed a pair of black wedges with laces on them. Kwangsu had to carry me down the stairs because I couldn't walk well in them.

"Alright, so church. Then what?" I asked as Jinyong pulled our long unused Hyundai Elantra out of the apartment lot and turned out onto the road.

Daejung was quick to reply with, "We go home, change, eat, and go back out. Today's special event: go-cart racing!"

"If you get injured its not going to be pretty..." I murmured as we stopped in the church parking lot and walked inside. A service was just about to begin and we quickly settled in the pews. Jinyong, Daejung, and Kwangsu prayed for safety during their military service and I prayed for them to come back to me safe and sound. We left the church and I sighed as I breathed in the cold November air.

Daejung drove home and we changed into regular clothes, happy to be rid of the stuffy church clothing. "Let's go racing!" Kwangsu cheered, rushing for the door.

"Kwangsu, we have to eat lunch!" I protested. He whined and groaned before agreeing and helping us to set the table for lunch. "Sorry eager beaver, but you still have to help even if you don't want to eat and just want to go go-cart racing.

"Yes Ma'am," he mumbled dejectedly.

Jinyong looked up and inquired, "Why don't we go clubbing today and racing tomorrow?"

"Why today? We went to church today," Daejung stated.

"Exactly!" Jin exclaimed. "Our protection is strongest today!"

"He's got a point," I mumbled through my Galbi. "Let's do that instead."

"But go-carts..." Kwangsu murmured. "Alright... I guess you guys are right..."

"Yeah!" Jinyong and I cheered, giving each other a high five. "Let's go at... Nine-ish?"

"Ten," I stated firmly. "No complaints, no questions, okay? You all are leaving me!"

"Deal," Daejung confirmed, shaking my outstretched hand. "But, you better stick close."

"Can do," I replied with a nod.

•• Later ••

I yawned as I pulled on a ruffled top and a playful skirt. "I'm so sleepy..." I mumbled through a second yawn.

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