•• Hyorin ••

I yawned and rolled onto my stomach before stretching my entire body and then sitting up. The sunlight was streaming through the top of my tent and I shivered under my heated blanket. God, seriously, who forced their friends to go camping in the middle of the winter?

I crawled to the door of the tent and pulled the zipper open. The sunlight blinded me temporarily and I shielded my eyes while I waited for them to adjust. There was fresh snow on the ground and my teeth were chattering. I opened the door for Daejung's tent and no one was inside. Curious, I opened the door for Jinyong and Kwangsu's as well. No one was in there either.

I panicked slightly and ran to the car to get my phone. Inside, the three boys were snoring together in the warmth. I had frozen to death all night and they had just been in the car.

I banged on the window and Daejung snorted and sat up before grinning sheepishly and waving at me. "Yeah, not cool Dae," I grumbled, standing back as he opened the door. "What the hell? I spent my night frozen to the bottom of a tent and you three were in here sleeping? That is just not fair Dae!"

"Sorry Rin... We were freezing to death... At least you had the battery powered blanket!" he exclaimed defensively.

I crossed my arms and mumbled, "That's only because Jinyong packed it for me..." He rolled his eyes and I hugged myself to preserve warmth. "Lets just pack up and go home Daejung! It's cold and you three are leaving today. I want you to eat a home cooked meal before you leave..."

He ruffled my hair with a small smile and then banged on the car, shocking Jinyong and Kwangsu out of their sleep. "Start packing military men!" They groaned and rubbed their eyes before trudging out of the car and over to the tents. I watched them disassemble the tents and roll them up before tossing them in the car.

Daejung and I packed the cooking utensils and food and put them safely in the trunk before climbing into the car and speeding off towards civilization. "Hyorin, I don't want to leave!" Jiyong cried, throwing his arms around my seat and hugging me. "I'm too delicate for the military!"

I patted his hand with a sigh and then promised, "Your mommy will always be here for you Jin. Make sure you come only when you're homesick! You guys only get ten days off..."

"We'll only take off for holidays!" Kwangsu promised, saluting me with a grin. My heart cracked as I realized that this was my last day with these boys for the next two years. "Don't worry Rin," he insisted gently when he saw my expression. "We're always going to come back to you."

"Just not for a few months!" Daejung attempted, shrugging awkwardly." I rolled my eyes as he stared down the road intently. "Anyway, don't feel sad today guys!"

"We aren't sad! Rin is sad!" Kwangsu protested.

I whirled around and raised an eyebrow. "Woah SuKwang! I am most definitely not sad! I am merely not in high spirits seeing as you three are departing for mandatory military service as of today."

"Sure Rin," Jinyong said, rolling his eyes disbelievingly. "We definitely believe you. Lets go Daejung! Punch it!" Dae rolled his eyes and maintained his speed as we drove home.

"Rin, go make food!" Daejung commanded after our short drive home. I jumped out of the car and thundered up the stairs while the boys unloaded the car and dashed up after me. I unlocked the door and ran into the kitchen before pulling a bunch of leftovers from the fridge and then groaning and beginning to prepare Galbi.

"Galbi!" Jinyong cheered, rushing past me with the backpacks. I laughed and felt hands pull my hair into a ponytail.

"Don't need hair in that, now do we?" Kwangsu teased with a wink, whispering in my ear. My breath caught in my throat and I slowly turned my head to look at him. His lips were mere inches from mine and I could hear him breathing.

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