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•• Angel ••

I watched her from the top of a building. I sat, perched, watching her carefully so that I could make sure that she wasn't in any danger. The entire explanation of my role in her life would be extremely difficult to explain to her. Heck, I could barely understand it myself!

Every person in the world has a Guardian Angel doppelgänger. This is where the term was actually coined. People began seeing their Angels and thought it was a sign that they would die. This was an absolutely ridiculous theory that started with some stupidly ironic situation. Anyway, an Angel looks exactly like the person that they are 'birthed' by. The Angels were all assigned to a different person and whenever that person needed help, the Angel would be deployed to help them and protect them.

As soon as the Angel's human look-alike died, the Angel's service would end and they would return to the human. In this way, when a person died, someone else's Angel somewhere would pass as well. Also, if they weren't dead, as soon as the person no longer required the Angel's help, the Angel would leave. The Angel's appearance change in accordance with what we called our 'Literal Mirrors'. We never had our own identity technically.

Is there someone that controls where the Angel is deployed? Yes. This would be the guy that you all call Cupid. Fat, sausage-like baby with stubby little wings. Yeah, not so much. More like super intense, organized machine-running, airport traffic control-like man in his mid-twenties (still with stubby little wings).

Anyway, that would be the gist of it. We Angels live alongside humans and protect all of you. Essentially, we do what you can't. Protect without loving or anything of that sort. We do our jobs and leave.

It's a lonely life.

However, this girl was different. Most people would love to have a Guardian Angel. She just didn't want to believe it. Now, not only was I excited that I was deployed to her, I was also intrigued to find out more about her. I spotted two boys walking towards her. They laughed and excitedly clapped and celebrated. I sighed and stood, knowing that she was in good hands with Kwangsu and Daejung. My wings opened up and I stepped off of the rooftop and drifted along with the gusts of wind.

"Now, what to do until I bug her again?" I mused to myself. Right, I was deployed! I could do anything that I wanted!

•• Hyorin ••

Kwangsu and Daejung brought good news. NH and Cube had taken pity on us and allowed extensions as well. I was enthralled and followed them down the sidewalk towards a restaurant. For a second, I thought I glimpsed U-Kwon- er, that Angel- soaring through the sky. Then, he vanished and I raised an eyebrow and curiously cocked my head to one side.

Kwangsu leaned down and stared at the sky, his cheek pressed against mine. "What are you looking at?" he asked curiously. I realized that I had stopped walking and shook my head.

Daejung turned and waited for us before continuing along to the restaurant. "Are you sure that you're going to be okay without us?" he questioned gently. I nodded determinedly with a smile and then, for emphasis, I gave him a thumbs up.

"I'm going to be one hundred percent fine! I promise JungDae!" Kwangsu nodded to Daejung reassuringly and I nodded again in agreement.

"Alright, I believe you! Now let's get Nam Jin Yong over here so that he can eat." Kwangsu dialed a number on his phone and I pursed my lips.

"Yo, Jinyong, get over here and eat something, you nut!" Park Kwang Su teased loudly. He quickly told him where we were and then hung up before leading us into the restaurant.

"Get a table Daejung," I told him. "I'm going to go make an errand quickly." He gave me a funny look and then nodded. I walked out of the restaurant, feeling drawn towards something. Intrigued, I turned and made my way down the sidewalk towards Tapgol Park. I entered the park and walked aimlessly down the paths until I saw the Wongaksa pagoda that gave the park it's name.

I walked up the five stairs and sat down, curious as to what had brought me to the pagoda so suddenly. "You came." I jumped at the voice and almost exploded in anger when I saw U-Kwon.

"You. What do you want?" I asked him in a hostile voice. "What do you mean by 'you came'?"

"I called you. Yeah, we can do those kinds of things. You still believe I'm not an Angel?" he teased, putting on a cute grin that made me feel strange.

"You don't have wings," I stated bluntly. He cocked his head to one side with a thoughtful expression and then stretched with a yawn. Two majestic white wings opened up as he raised his arms around his head and then disappeared as he lowered his arms again.

He winked with an adorable smirk. "Boom. Wings. Hello Angel." I rolled my eyes and then patted the ground beside me. He scuffed his sneaker on the ground and then plopped down beside me. I was about to open my mouth when he said, "I know. You want answers. I can't give them to you yet. Just wait until..."

"Until?" I asked urgently, wanting an answer.

He clicked his tongue and then murmured, "Saturday." I nodded slowly and then sighed heavily. "Come on, you can wait!"

"I can't!" I laughed. Suddenly, I stopped and then frowned at him. "Wait, you're a figment of my imagination! I... I should go," I stammered quickly, standing up and walking away.

"I'll visit you again!" U-Kwon teased from behind me. I growled to myself and stomped slightly before breaking into a run in my studded Louboutin high tops, a pair of shoes that Beast Hyunseung had as well.

I dashed into the restaurant and located Daejung, Kwangsu, and Jinyong before sitting down silently and digging into the food that they had already began chomping on. "What's up Rin?" Kwangsu asked curiously.

Jinyong, now in a much better mood, wiped his mouth before saying, "You look tense." I shook my head without a word, completely ignoring their worried faces.

Eventually, they stopped haggling me and we finished our meal before returning to the apartment. Our reproduction of clothing and jewelry began as soon as we entered and continued late into the night. Without realizing it, we skipped dinner and it was already 6am the next morning as we put finishing details on the jewelry for f(x) and the clothes for EvoL's next concert.

Exhausted, we collapsed around the living room in piles of paper, our completed designs taped ungraciously to the walls. My head rested on Daejung's back as he snored with his face in a pile of trashed sketches. Jinyong was sleeping like a log, stretched across the couch with a small smile on his face. Kwangsu crinkled his nose and sneezed lightly in his sleep. His head lolled to the side as he slept in the armchair and I blinked sleepily before standing and grabbing four blankets from the hall closet.

I tossed one over each of the three boys before shutting the drapes over the balcony doors. I then stretched across the carpet, using a pile of paper balls as my pillow. My eyes drooped shut and I shut my eyes as the sun slowly drifted into the sky.

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