Chapter 19

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NOTE: On the right is Hyorin as a kid and her as what she looks like at twenty ^^

•• U-Kwon ••

"Wow, Hyorin's food is really good," Jihoon sighed with happiness as he rinsed his hands and dried them. We all murmured in agreement and Taeil switched on the dish washer with a grin before leaning on the counter. "Should we go out and sit with her? Probably only one person will get to actually sit next to her though." We all exchanged wide-eyed glances, the pressure of the competition finally hitting us.

I dashed out of the kitchen with the rest of the boys on my tail before crashing into the love seat beside Hyorin. She stared at me with wide eyes and I grinned sheepishly and waved at her. "You cheated!" Jaehyo shouted, pointing accusingly at me.

"Death to the cheater!" Zico roared, tackling me. Hyorin shouted in alarm and dived off of the couch before she was crushed. "Hyorin, are you okay? I'm so sorry!"

She waved it of with a good-natured laugh. "I'm fine Jiho; thanks for worrying though!" Minhyuk helped her to her feet and she gave him a grateful bow before stretching with a sigh.

"Hey, we should do something we rarely do. Let's drink," Kyung said with a grin. "It'll be fun!" The members slowly nodded with murmurs of agreement. "Jihoon is close enough to the drinking age, so it doesn't really matter if he drinks a little."

Hyorin was silent and then mumbled, "You guys shouldn't drive if you're going to drink, so you would have to stay over if we drink." We all shrugged nonchalantly and then she frowned uncertainly.

"Hyorin, you have to be bad sometimes, so why not go all out while you're with us?" Taeil joked, giving her a wink. "How close is the nearest liquor store?"

"Ah, she doesn't drink; she won't know," Jaehyo said with an amused smile, pulling out his phone and searching something up. "Alright, it looks like the nearest one is a five minute walk." He jumped to his feet and then grabbed his jacket before looking at us expectantly. "Who's coming with me? Liquor specialist, let's go!" Minhyuk groaned and got to his feet before following Jaehyo to the shoe pile and sighing.

"Yah, Jihoon, I'm just going to borrow your shoes!" he called, pulling on the young kid's shoes with a chuckle before walking out behind Jaehyo. We all stared at each other awkwardly before looking at Hyorin expectantly.

She didn't notice at first and eventually looked at us all with wide eyes. "What?" she inquired awkwardly, squirming uncomfortably under our stares.

"We're bored and you're the host. It's only obvious for us to look at you," Zico stated bluntly with a shrug. "What do you normally do when you're here?"

"Well, normally I work on designs with Jinyong, Kwangsu, and Daejung," she said with a frown. "Do you guys maybe want to see some of my designs?"

Jihoon clapped excitedly with a nod and exclaimed, "You're a designer, so you must be very good at drawing!" She chuckled and got to her teeth before opening the door to one of the cupboards in the living room. I glimpsed what looked like hundreds of folders inside. Hyorin stared at them and then pulled one out before setting it on the ground in front of Jihoon.

Jihoon opened it and examined the first drawing very carefully with an impressed expression. Curious, I leaned over to peek at it and was pleasantly surprised. The design looked like Big Bang Taeyang and I stared at it for a bit longer before realizing it was one of the outfits from Fantastic Baby.

"You designed for Big Bang Fantastic Baby?" I asked in shock. She nodded with a smile. "That's awesome! What else do you have in here?" The others were immediately interested when a knock sounded at the door. Kyung jumped to his feet and rushed to the door, throwing it open for Jaehyo and Minhyuk before scrambling back and sitting down with a grin.

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