Chapter 17

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•• Next Morning: Taeil ••

I yawned loudly and sat up in my bed, my eyes blind in my dark room. I opened the curtains and stared out at the snow coming down from the dark grey sky and sighed heavily. "Good morning Taeil," I sighed to myself, getting to my feet and then shaking the drowsiness out of my mind with a groan. I walked quietly down the hall and into the living room. No one was awake and I immediately had the urge to go back to sleep.

Suddenly, someone sat up on the couch and I watched the figure's head spinning around in confusion before turning on the light. Hyorin groaned and shielded her eyes before stuffing her head under her pillow and rolling onto the floor with a grunt. I dimmed the light and quickly rushed over to her. "Hey, are you okay Hyorin?"

"I'm fine Taeil," she replied with a groan of pain. "My head is hammering though and my eyes are temporarily blinded."

"My bad," I apologized with a frown, helping her to her feet. "Wow, you smell like liquor." I waved my hand in front of my nose and she pouted with a glare.

"I blame U-Kwon. He told me I should drink beer if I drink any form of alcohol," she sighed with an uncertain expression.

I raised an eyebrow with a frown and then awkwardly stated, "But U-Kwon himself doesn't even drink beer." Hyorin groaned and gripped her head between her knees, pressing her head with her hands as well. "Hey, how about I make you a nice and healthy cure for that nasty headache?" I offered with a smile. Hyorin nodded pitifully with a pleading expression and I helped her into the kitchen before sitting her down on the counter.

I grabbed some bananas, ginger, lemon, honey, and oranges and then began cutting everything up. Hyorin stared at everything I was doing with wide eyes and I smiled and grabbed the blender. I peeled a banana and handed it to Hyorin who chomped on it while I tossed the fruits into a blender and then added some honey in. Minhyuk stumbled into the kitchen as I turned on the blender and leaned against the counter next to Hyorin. The two of them ate their bananas in synchronization while I blended up Hyorin's hangover drink.

Jihoon skipped in excitedly and then sat on the counter next to Hyorin while he bit into an apple. I finished mixing up Hyorin's drink and then added a bit of milk into it before handing a glass of it to her. "What's that Hyung?" Jihoon asked curiously, cocking his head to one side while Hyorin downed the glass.

"Hyorin and U-Kwon went for drinks last night," I explained with a chuckle. "Hyorin had a headache so I made her a hangover remedy." He nodded slowly and I sighed before pouring what remained of the remedy into seven glasses. I handed one to both Minhyuk and Jihoon before sipping on my own with a smile. One by one, the Block B members made their way into the kitchen, relishing the slightly late start to their day. I handed Kyung, U-Kwon, Zico, and Jaehyo each their glasses and we all made our way to the table before sitting down.

"Ah, my head doesn't feel like it's breaking in half anymore," Hyorin sighed with relief, resting her head in her hands with a smile.

"Hey, Hyorin your hair is all messed up," Kyung pointed out with a chuckle. She attempted to flatten her nest of hair into a more manageable state and eventually gave up with a groan. "It's nice to see this side of you!"

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