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"I think that it's nice that Hyorin's friends are coming for Christmas," Jaehyo-Hyung said with a smile as the seven of us walked down the sidewalk in the cold while it snowed. "Jihoon, did you enjoy your day with her?"

Jihoon nodded in agreement and said, "We had a lot of fun today. I don't think I've ever seen her smile that much. Her designs for VIXX are done and they look great! I really wish you had seen them. How was rehearsal without me?"

"We were surprisingly productive," U-Kwon teased with a chuckle, ruffling our little Jihoon's hair. "No really though, we were very productive today! It was great to get a ton of work done without your joking around."

"You're not making him feel special or loved," Minhyuk-Hyung whispered to U-Kwon with a roll of his eyes. "Anyway, it's nice that you had fun Jihoon!"

I was quiet while the others played around, throwing loose snow at each other, laughing, joking around, and being the brothers that we all were. My mind drifted to when Hyorin had kissed me and I felt my cheeks becoming warm. "Jiho, your cheeks are so red!" Taeil-Hyung exclaimed in surprise. "You must be freezing to death."

"He might be, or he might just be thinking about a girl," Kyung teased, pinching my cheek with a smirk. "Who is it Jiho?" I stared at him and swallowed hard before my teeth started chattering awkwardly. Kyung stood back in surprise and then chuckled, "I guess you are just cold."

"Of course I'm cold," I laughed with an awkward and nervous tone. "So, who wants to get home and turn in for the night? Hyorin's family's Jesa ceremony is getting even closer, right? Tomorrow is Minhyuk-Hyung's day off and then the day after tomorrow is the ceremony."

"It's also my day off," Kyung grumbled with a pout. "Why am I cursed with getting the least amount of time to spend with Hyorin?"

"There's no guarantee that she won't spend time with you," U-Kwon pointed out with a helpful smile. "If anything, I think you're the luckiest because she already knows you and she'll be feeling down after the ceremony. She'll need someone to comfort her and since it will be your day off, by default that means you."

"He's right you know," Taeil-Hyung agreed with a nod after he glimpsed Kyung's face. "If anything, we should be the ones who are annoyed and jealous. You get to spend quality time with her."

Kyung nodded slowly and murmured, "I guess you're right. Wow, I really am the lucky one, aren't I?"

"Definitely," I agreed with an awkward smile. "Have fun with Hyorin and make sure that she feels better. The Jesa really takes a lot out of a person." The others nodded slowly and I sighed while we continued walking quietly, all of the energy completely drained suddenly.

"Those three Hyungs are getting transferred to Busan in January," Jihoon said suddenly. "I read that when Hyorin was reading the letter from Jinyong."

"Busan?" Jaehyo-Hyung asked in surprise. "Why are they getting transferred so suddenly?" Jihoon shrugged uncertainly and I frowned, feeling a creeping feeling of suspicion falling over me. Kyung looked at me, obviously having the same feeling, and shook his head uncertainly.

U-Kwon looked between us curiously and then immediately sighed, "You both are suspicious about something, aren't you? What do you think this sudden transfer is linked to?"

Kyung slowly murmured, "Hyorin used to always talk about the mob power struggle in her family. Apparently her father was the family head, but then he died and the position was supposed to be passed on to Hyojun."

Taeil-Hyung looked at him in surprise and asked, "You don't think that Hyorin holds all that power now, do you?"

"Even if she doesn't, just her presence would be a threat to whoever has currently seized power of the Chae family. If Hyorin has a son in the future, he would automatically be set up as the head of the entire mob family because power is in her branch originally," Kyung replied with a frown.

Minhyuk-Hyung slowly ventured, "You don't think her family is so crazy about maintaining power that they would try something... Do you?"

"If loan sharks killed her entire branch just for unpaid money and none of her family even bothered to show up to the funeral, what do you think?" Kyung murmured with a frown. "But there's no way the mob has that kind of influence to change even military plans, is there?"

I shook my head uncertainly and then mumbled, "There's something about this entire mob picture that we're missing and we won't be able to get a full picture until we get some background about the family."

"But all of those records are kept by only one person," Kyung countered quietly. We all looked at him and his eyes widened before he whispered, "Only the head of the family keeps those records."

"Do you think that Hyorin's father had them?" U-Kwon inquired in a harsh whisper. "If he had the entire family record, then that means he has records of-"

"Everything," I said quietly. "He has records of everything. All of the tricks that family pulled, all of the murder records, the embezzlement records, money stashes, bank numbers, stolen car locations, government connections, bribed officials, job covers of the family, family doctors, the family tree, past heads of the family... Everything would be in those records," I repeated with finality.

Jaehyo-Hyung shifted around uncomfortably and then hissed, "Does that mean the current person who seized head of the Chae family doesn't have the family records?" Kyung nodded slowly in agreement. "But Hyorin probably doesn't have them either then."

"We don't know that and her family won't know that either," Kyung sighed in frustration. "If what we're all thinking is true, and I know you all well enough to know that you've pieced this entire situation together, then the Chae family is sending those three to Busan to get them out of the way."

"Oh my god, they're going to kill her for the records," Minhyuk-Hyung stated in shock. "What if she doesn't have them?"

Taeil-Hyung shook his head and murmured, "Do you think they'll care whether she has them?" We all looked at him curiously, not sure as to what he meant. "Records or not, she's still the rightful head of the family. They'll kill her just so that the position isn't threatened."

"It's amazing the kind of things we get mixed up in," Jihoon sighed, rubbing the bridge of his nose in frustration. "So what do we do about this?"

"There's nothing that we can do," Kyung sighed hopelessly with a shake of his head. "Even if we sent her to a different city, she'd still be found pretty easily because of who she is and the fact that the Chae family stretches power all the way across South Korea."

"Then we send her out of the country," Jaehyo-Hyung said quickly. "We get her a new name, a new citizenship, cut all ties with this country, and we make her never come back."

I shook my head. "They're too smart for that. They're probably monitoring us too. In the end, they might use us or Jinyong, Daejung, and Kwangsu to lure her back."

"Then Hyorin has to die," Minhyuk-Hyung said quietly, swallowing hard. "There's no way to get out of this situation, is there? She's dead in whichever section we go."

"Not if we find those records," Kyung eventually said with a small smirk.

U-Kwon gave him a high five and exclaimed, "If we have the records, we control everything!"

"We could send them straight to prison if we had them, and then we could also make sure that we gave them to an official who wasn't bribed," Jihoon agreed with a grin. "My only question is, how do we find them?"

"Well that's easy," I chuckled with a grin. "Minhyuk-Hyung will get her to tell him."

"I will?" he asked me in surprise, his eyes wide as he cocked his head to one side. I nodded slowly with a smirk and he frowned uncertainly.

"What's the plan Zico?" Kyung asked me with a knowing smile. I waved my boys closer as we walked down the sidewalk towards our apartment, illustrating and laying out my fantastic plan for them all.

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