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•• Zico ••

I sighed heavily as the train pulled up at the station in Chinan and then turned my gaze to Jihoon and U-Kwon. They both looked at me uncertainly as I stood and waved them after me. “Come on guys; there’s only one way out now.” Jihoon swallowed shakily and then stood while U-Kwon wrapped up his iPod and then grabbed his backpack, leading the way off the train. “Alright, I remember Park Kyung talking about where Hyorin lived; he went there when he was dating her because he wanted to see where she lived when she was younger. It shouldn’t be too far from the station if I recall correctly.”

“How hard can it be to miss if her family is a wealthy Mob family?” U-Kwon asked me with a shrug, looking at Jihoon out of the corner of his eye. “Come on, let’s get this over with.” Jihoon sighed heavily and then followed closely after U-Kwon, looking a little jumpy.

I tapped his shoulder and then sighed, “Jihoon, calm down; don’t draw attention to yourself,” I hissed into his ear before giving him a nod and pulling him after U-Kwon. U-Kwon walked out and then turned to find an old man selling Ho-Ddok outside the station.

He walked confidently up to him and then greeted him with a smile. “Annyeonghaseyo, I am here looking for a particular household; could you direct me in the proper direction?” he inquired gently, earning a curious look from the man.

“Yes, of course, but Chinan isn’t a very big place, so I’m sure that if you looked you would find it,” he replied, earning a hearty laugh from the three of us. “Who exactly are you looking for, may I ask?”

“The Chae household.” The old man froze up in shock and he leaned towards U-Kwon with a dirty glare.

“You listen here, young man, you seem like a very nice boy, but you stay away from that area. It’s an evil place tainted by the scent of death. You three must be looking for some amount of trouble if you’re going around looking for the Chae family.” He unlocked the wheels on his cart and began to push it away hurriedly before turning around and warning, “Stay away from the Chae household if you know what’s good for you, do you understand?”

I turned to U-Kwon with an uncertain frown and then hissed, “Hasn’t that home been empty since Hyorin’s parents died?”

He shook his head and then sighed, “Longer; it’s been empty since they moved to Seoul.” Jihoon looked around uncertainly and I stared up at the darkening sky. U-Kwon seemed to notice this as well and then hung his head before muttering, “I guess we’re on our own; come on guys.”

“We need to find that house before we get caught in this downpour,” Jihoon groaned as a drop of rain fell onto his nose. He wiped it off with his sleeve and I looked uncertainly up at the sky as the temperature slowly began to drop. I shivered in my jacket and then glanced ahead at U-Kwon and Jihoon before sighing heavily.

We need to find that house before we’re caught in the rain… or worse; caught by Dongman,” I thought to myself, feeling the hairs on the back of my neck bristling as the streets quickly cleared out because of the impending rain. I wandered down the streets with a frown, noticing how the houses were becoming less and less densely packed. U-Kwon gave me a nervous look as we approached a large, old-style Hanok gate with the name ‘Chae’ written in elegant paint strokes above it. The gate seemed to be sealed and looked like it had not been touched in quite some time. I walked up to it and uncertainly pushed on the heavy wood, which to my surprise easily swung open.

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