•• Next Morning ••

I stretched with a yawn and rubbed my eyes sleepily. Brushing my teeth, I stared at myself in the mirror. "Hyorin, go talk to him," I commanded myself. "Ask him if he's hungry. Just ask him. Sure he claims to be an Angel, but he's obviously got an appetite, right?" I nodded to myself and wrapped my jacket around my body. With a nervous sigh, I shoved my high tops on and trudged out of the door and up the stairs to the roof. Pushing the door open, I spotted U-Kwon sleeping peacefully on the transformer for the building and felt guilt well up in my heart.

Walking over to him silently, I raked my eyes over his perfect features. Peach colored, imperfection-free, ivory-like skin. A strong, yet delicate jaw line and a beautifully shaped nose. He had flower petal-like light pink lips and rosy cheeks. His hair fell perfectly around his face and I felt myself smiling as I looked at him.

"U-Kwon," I whispered, prodding his cheek lightly. His eyes flew open and he stared at me with his gorgeous brown eyes. In the light from the rising sun, his eyes appeared to be an amber color. He smiled at me and then winked before sitting up.

"Good morning," he laughed, ruffling my hair. "Did you sleep well?" I gave him a nod and he smiled. "That's good. So, why are you up here in the cold anyway?"

I pursed my lips shyly and then murmured, "Would you like some breakfast?"

He looked at me in surprise and then gave me a nod. "I'd love some breakfast! Thank you for offering!" I smiled and began to walk back into the building before I felt a hand on my arm. "Lets to down the fun way!"

I cocked my head to one side curiously. "The fun way? What's the fun-" I was cut short as U-Kwon swept me off my feet and zoomed into the air. I screamed wildly in terror as he zoomed around before touching down gently on my balcony. "That was fun? How was that fun?" I stammered shakily as I stumbled into my apartment.

"I love flying!" he exclaimed in reply, drifting inside with a dreamy expression on his face. "Doesn't it just give you a thrilling feeling?"

I shot him an expression to tell him that he was insane and then grumbled, "Oh it gave me a feeling, but it wasn't thrilling." He rolled his eyes and seated himself eagerly at the table. "So, what'll it be?"

He sighed heavily and then murmured, "May I have... I want everything!" I raised an eyebrow and he shook his hands with a sheepish smile. "I mean, I'll have some eggs and bacon with some orange juice."

"Better," I laughed with an amused smile, running my hands under the warm tap water before beginning to fry some bacon in one pan and taking the eggs out of the fridge. "How would you like your eggs?"

He tapped his chin and then replied, "Poached! Wait no, maybe scrambled, or how about boiled?"

"How about I do poached and scrambled eggs?" I offered with a small smile. He nodded eagerly and sat like an excited child at the table. As I placed the food on a plate, I pored a big glass of orange juice and set the table for him quickly before taking the food out. "Here you go."

He nodded his thanks and then sighed as he took a bite. "It's so yummy! Thank you for the food, Hyorin!" I nodded and took a tentative sip of my juice while I watched U-Kwon eat.

"Would you like something else?" I asked him as he gobbled down the last bits of his food. "Anything at all?"

"I think I'll empty your fridge before noon if you keep feeding me!" he exclaimed, shaking his head quickly. "Instead, I'd like to try more of that 'work' stuff, if you'd let me!"

"You want to work?" I questioned, my mouth falling open in shock. He nodded eagerly and I laughed and shook my head with disbelief. "You're unbelievable. No one ever wants to work! Sadly, I'm not going to work for the next two days."

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