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"Hyorin, I'd be careful around those guys," I told her with an amused smile. "To them, you're a prize in a competition."

"I know," she replied reassuringly. "I'll be careful."

"When do I get to eat?" Hyorin laughed at my question and handed me a box. "You made me a lunchbox?"

"Of course I did! I have to take your eating habits into consideration because of the fact that as of tomorrow, you're working with me!" I cocked my head to one side and she rolled her eyes. "Just eat your dinner."

"So what's this about me working with you?" I asked her as I chewed on my food.

"You said you would help me. I have work to do. It's not like I can leave the Gangnam location closed for the next two years!" I exclaimed a bit defensively. "We were planning on opening up a forth location... I was hoping maybe you could help me with that."

"It would be my honor Madame Chae," he teased with a smirk. "Always a pleasure." She smiled and I stared at her with wide eyes while she stretched out a hand and cleaned the corner of my mouth with a handkerchief. "Thank you Hyorin."

She nodded and I felt myself leaning slightly forward. At the last second, I pressed my lips to her cheek instead with a small smile. "I hope that we will be good partners," she whispered with a slightly disappointed expression.

"I hope so too. I'll try my best," I promised with a reassuring smile. "This is really good!"

"Ah, really?" I smiled at her huge eyes and nodded in agreement. "I'm glad you like it!"

"I think at this point I kind of have to like everything you make or I starve," I joked with a chuckle.

"Fair enough, but that doesn't mean it doesn't make me feel happy," she agreed with a smirk. "Anyway, it's still pretty early. I have to start preparing for Hyojun, Umma, and Appa's gije next week..."

"The Jesa ceremony, right? How long have you been doing that now?" I ventured cautiously.

Hyorin frowned and then said, "Almost six years."

"Really? That must be hard on you," I commented with a sigh. She nodded in agreement.

"A lot goes into it and I don't have family to help me so I have to do everything myself," she mumbled. "I have to make all the food, set up the Jesasang and the Shinwi, and proceed through the entire ceremony alone."

"How many parts are there to the ceremony?" I inquired curiously, cocking my head to one side.

"I still do it the old way, so there is the Kangshin to call the spirits, the Choheon, the first child's offering, sometimes there are Aheons and Jongheons depending on the number of children present... In my case there is only the Choheon... Then comes Sapsi where the ancestors are invited to eat. After that there is Yushik where the ancestors eat their meal. The family leaves the ancestors to eat in peace during Hapmun and return during Gyemun. That's normally signaled by-" Hyorin explained before I cut in.

"By the eldest male clearing his throat," I said quickly. She nodded in agreement and I nodded politely for her to continue.

"So after Yushik is Heoncha where tea is offered to the ancestors. Cheolsang is after that where the Jesasang is removed and then finally is Eumbok which is the family feast. The family of the deceased drinks wine and eats the ceremonial food," she said, nodding to herself to confirm the end of her explanation.

"So what do you need for that...?"

"I need... Rice, meat, white fruits, red fruits, soup, fish, and vegetables along with some rice cakes," she said slowly, thinking through the list in her head.

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