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~~~~~~~ Sunday ~~~~~~~

It was 5:34am. I was still awake. What was wrong with me? Oh, right. I thought that I was mentally unstable. What was that guy? Why was he in my apartment... In my dreams...? And why did he look like Block B U-Kwon? Was I hallucinating? Was I just crazy?

"I need air," I hissed to myself, getting to my feet and sliding my slippers onto my feet. I put on a long nightgown coverup and tied it around my waist before sneaking out of my room. I creeped past Kwangsu and Daejung's rooms and tiptoed into the living room before sliding the balcony door open and opening the screen door. Stepping out onto the balcony, I shut the doors carefully and shivered in the early morning chill.

"Now why are you out here?" I jumped at the voice and threw my arms in the air in frustration.

"Would you stop doing that?" I grumbled, staring at the boy that had materialized beside me. "I don't even know who you are or what you are or why you're even bothering me!"

"Woah, calm down Hyorin!" he half laughed good-naturedly.

Now I was thoroughly flustered. "And how do you even know my name?" I cried, plopping down on the cold balcony ground. I ran my hands through my hair with a groan and stared at him. "Please tell me what's going on... I don't want to be crazy!"

"You're not crazy! As of right now, you're probably more sane than most people. I told you that I'm just here scoping out the scene right now! I can't tell you anything until I've been deployed!"

"What does that even mean?" I asked him in a loud voice. He held a finger over his lips and looked around uncertainly. "Oh, now you're worried about me being too loud?"

"Duh! People are sleeping right now! Plus, if you were seen out here you would be pegged as crazy!" he exclaimed.

I raised an eyebrow. "So I'm not crazy right now?"

"Of course not!" he groaned with a slightly frustrated tone. "But the fact that I'm here right now instead of with U-Kwon means something! It means you will need me. When that time comes, I promise I'll explain everything, okay?"

"So... You're not U-Kwon?" I asked him sounding like I was stating it.

He began making stuttering sounds and finally grumbled, "I am U-Kwon. This is difficult to explain... Just... Forget anything that's happened up to now between us two!"

"Oh, I would love to do that," I told him in a slightly sarcastic tone. "Get out of here. I'm probably sleeping right now. I hope I don't see you when I wake up or I'd be really freaked out." I slowly got to my feet and he looked me up and down.

"You think you're dreaming right now? Whatever, you'll learn soon enough. Go back to bed." I nodded and looked at him warily before walking back inside.

I sat up in my bed suddenly and looked around with confusion. "Just a dream..." I mumbled to myself, slightly relieved.

"Morning Rin," Daejung greeted, walking in and handing me a piece of toast. The smell of food cooking drifted through the open door and I sighed happily and stood, accepting the toast with a smile.

Dae walked out and I followed him after changing quickly, entering the dining room where Jinyong was reading a newspaper and Kwangsu was wolfing down eggs and sausage. "Morning Hyorin," they greeted with smiles. I bowed slightly to both of them before my seating myself.

"Hey Kwangsu, Seo Ye Jin called. You might want to ask her what's up," Jin told Kwangsu over the table nonchalantly.

"Yejin called?" I inquired curiously. He nodded and I furrowed my brow. Seo Ye Jin was the hired manager of one of our stores and when she called, it was for nothing good. Kwangsu was close to her because they had gone to standard school together. "What about?"

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